Studio Sunday and Stencil Explosion in the Works

Who doesn't have a million stencils lying around in their studio?  Really, stencils are so versatile and can be used in lots of ways which makes them so addicting. 

One of the stencils that are a part of my MARGARET APPLIN DESIGNS premier launch is a template that can help you customize a unique medallion design that you can build using stencils that you probably already have as a part of your stash!  I think this template will help you breath fresh inspiration into stencils you aren't so excited about any more.

Think about what stencils you already own that have smaller design elements like flowers or shapes (which probably covers just about any stencil LOL).  Here, I'm looking at a couple of Barbara's Joggles Stencils, Botanicals I and II, and going crazy thinking of how I can apply these cute little flowers and leaves.

How can I change them up to create a new story?  Do I want to build that story on paper or on fabric?  And how will I lay them out?

These are questions that I am always asking myself as I design my own stencils.  I want the designs that I create and produce for others to us to have the ability to play on different media with lots of design options.  I want to help build your toolbox of ideas and techniques.
Look at the stencils you have in your stash and select a few that really catch your eye and think about combining them to create a new story.  Stay tuned as I talk more about my Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Design Tools inspiration.