Studio Sunday and Ramping Up

Oh my gosh!!!  I think it's SPRING!!!  Wow, really three whole days of sunshine and warmer temps and I'm loving it!  Too bad I haven't had a chance to get out and enjoy it because I am soooo busy.  Busy is a good thing, especially right now with so many ideas flowing.


The schedule for stencil releases is currently the end of May for Stencilease and I'm narrowing in on a June launch date for my personal stencil line.  Stay tuned!!

I'm gathering supplies for all kinds of fun with the new stencils and will definitely be putting together instructional videos on how to use them and what you can make with them.  It's very exciting!!!!  I'm thinking big format stitching so I've ordered some sari silk yarn!  There is a lot of testing going on and I'm off to a rough start LOL.  I'm using my favorite image from my Sunshine stencil from on homemade canvas.  I think I will do my fingers a favor and move on to softer materials.

This is a great piece to get warmed up on.  This was one of my paper towel art quilts started back in 2013.  It is stamped and stenciled and stitched onto a muslin backing with a layer of batting.  Maybe now is the time to finish it!

I love this one that already has a binding on it but maybe there is more I can do to the surface.

I will be working on paper and canvas as well as fabric with new projects.  Here is the base of one canvas with paint and screen-printed deli paper collage.  It will be fun to see where this one goes!

I'm testing colors on fabric so I had a little fun with some tie dye!

There is so much to do and so little time but I am excited to see it through!!!  Have a wonderful weekend and stay creative!!


elle said…
WHOA! This is super exciting and I am just getting tingly fingers thinking about what you are up to. Yay spring! Now I know you will not 'really' care but our week of nice warm weather is rapidly deteriorating into rain and then SNOW! Is it our turn? lol