Studio Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  Wow time flies.  It's March already and spring should be just around the corner.  Of course, that will be after the storm we get tonight with another 6" and counting!  I've been playing around with Illustrator more after taking Jessica Swift's Pattern Camp and I'm having a blast! 

For now, I have these images to share from that one design I created in the workshop.  I love the colors and I can't help but think of sandy beaches and Margaritas!  I've been watching a lot of HGTV lately and it's rubbing off on me.

I know I always say this over and over but I totally love pushing the exploration of patterns.  These all started from a very simple hand drawn image and the best thing about Illustrator is the ability to create patterns in one set of colors and easily change up the same patterns with another set of colors.  I haven't done that yet because I'm having so much fun with these colors.  
I quickly put together these mock-ups so that I can look at the patterns in action in everyday life.  Right now, these color apply more towards a bright and happy kitchen/eat-in area but I can totally see changing them up to deeper autumn tones to make them a rich addition to a living room with dark wood floors, a natural wood fireplace mantel in a more modern style.

My backgrounds are a little grey from my set up in Photoshop so that is not intentional.

This large medallion could definitely be a 8' x 8' rug or even the central image on toss pillows on a window seat.  Imaging the texture of the pillow with strategically placed satin stitched embroidery to add dimension and some cute trim!  It could even be a clock!

I think this pattern would be cute as wallpaper as shown above but it could also be applied to tea towels or an apron.  The floral pattern in the apron shown below would make beautiful wallpaper or even kitchen chair upholstery.  Of course the canisters can be played up with a whole variety of patterns.

I think it would have helped if I used a kitchen photo but I didn't have one available at the moment.  Still, I'm sure you get the idea.  As fun as these designs are, too much all at once can make a room too busy and distract the eye.  For my "grand finale", I have created a more modern set of plates using a minimalist approach.

Stay warm and happy creating!!!!


elle said…
amazing how you can change things up. nice colourway. Here's to sandy beaches !!!