Studio Sunday from Rhode Island

Last weekend was really busy and I just didn't have time to post so I apologize for taking last week off from the blog.  This weekend, I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Barbara of at her home studio in RI!  Her husband, Dave, puts up with us as we make messes and banter all about art stuff.  It rained all day and night yesterday but today there was some sun this morning and I'm hoping for an easy ride home without bad weather.

I've been playing with deli paper again!  Lightly painting and drawing on it to experiment with other applications.  I plan to do more but for now, these are a few experiments.  The first image is using my Sunflowers stencil at  Most of the paints used are the Tim Holtz Distress Paints.  The key here is to keep the application very light.

As I said...experiments.  Can't wait to get home to my scanner and big monitors to play with them.  I also was playing with the Damask stencil from on deli paper and paper towels.  I used various inks and Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads.  Barbara loves the Daler Rowney Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic inks and I do too.  You can get these from as well.  The challenge with deli paper is most liquids don't stick to the deli paper so you can spray it but you have to dry it and it pools, which could be what you are looking for.  The acrylic inks stay put and they are super sparkly!

I love the color but don't like the spray effects (which you can see in the middle of this piece).  

So I stenciled to my used paper towels as well and separated the layers so when it dries I can apply it to paper or fabric with Mod Podge or fusible webbing.

Of course, the weekend wouldn't be complete without some digital design!  This first design I have ordered both cotton sateen and modern jersey from!  I can't wait for them to come in.  I have plans to make a stretch top to wear to work under my suit jackets and then the cotton, I plan to exercise some cool hand embellishment on for pillows!  

I've just been playing with coordinates for this design collection but they are just in the early stages.  I'm still playing with the colorways as well and have used my new Illustrator skills to easily change the colors up and I will show more of that next week plus a sneak peak as to how I came to create the half circles in the design above.

Have a fantastic weekend and hopefully the snow is melting away all around you with signs of the promise of spring!



elle said…
You are off to a fabulous spring start. Luv that mellow yellow!
HollyM said…
I like the designs that you've sent to be will be fun to wear one of your own unique designs!
Anonymous said…
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