Studio Sunday and Stitch on the Brain

You know it's spring when it snows all day and nothing stays on the ground!  Yay!  Beautiful sun today that will hopefully work away at the remaining snow.  The roads are a complete disaster here and just running out to do an errand becomes a maneuvering exercise to avoid all the potholes.  Can we sue the towns if our suspension breaks? LOL

I think my friend, Lynn Krawczyk, has been tickling my stitching muse with all of her hand embroidery that she's been doing lately!  She's just completed new tapings for QA TV and another workshop DVD.  Go Lynn!!!!  I really want to do some hand stitching but, of course, I'm thinking about how I can do it differently, as always.  This design was a little experimentation using a watercolor flower I had painted but it is giving me BIG ideas :)

So my Spoonflower fabric arrived and it is so CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!  You can see it tucked between two other pieces of fabric that I ordered last year for Surtex but I didn't have enough time to finish the project I was thinking about.  How weird that my new fabric ties in with these, hmmmmm...

It really is soft and yummy fabric.  It is on a white background which is hard to tell from the pictures.  The one thing wrong with it is scale.  LOL  I seem to have problems with scale.  I want to order more that is twice the scale or a little more of what I got for the cotton sateen only.  I am itching to embellish that design on a throw pillow and the scale is too small for that project.

However, the same design in the modern knit is the perfect scale for a wearable so I plan on making up that top to wear underneath a couple of different work jackets/blazers.  On the image below with both fabric types, you can tell that the knit on the left is more saturated in color than the cotton on the right.  I feel that the synthetics retain more of the color than the cottons do.  Additionally, I think the cotton sateen retains more color than the Kona cotton as well.  It is still light-weight enough to use for quilting so it is my preferred cotton fabric from Spoonflower.

Some fun digital play that also got me thinking about cross stitch.  Really thinking......

And below is the 16" repeat without the grid look above.  You can see the marks from my big X stencil which has been a part of my stitching itch.  Lots of happy spring colors like those bulbs just waiting to shoot up from underneath the last of the snow.

Here is a more subtle design from a painted and stenciled piece I was playing with last night.  There isn't too much color adjustment on this one.  It reminds me of argyle.

I hope you have the same sunny day as I am and keep those creative juices flowing!


elle said…
ah, pot hole season!!! I like cotton sateen and you have some delicious spoonfuls there! :)