Studio Sunday Go Pats!

Yes, it is Superbowl Sunday and the only reason I mention this is because naturally I'm a Patriots fan being from Massachusetts.  I will probably not watch the game but I will route for them!  Go Pats!

I've been playing around with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays and I LUV, LUV, LUV them!!!  If you haven't used these before, they are cool in the way they produce light and dark shades, sometimes with different color changes, kind of iridescent, and if you use them correctly are totally scrumptious!!!  (I'm still practicing LOL)  You are required to add the water to activate them so read the directions!

The first try was on a small canvas (which I am loving for the texture) and when you see it in person, you see all of the beautiful sparkle.  One of the darker colors has the color change in it.  Just pure play to see how I could get results.

Going straight for the digital play on this one, I am soooooo in LUV with the repeat pattern I created with this one because of the canvas texture that comes through and the amazing patterning created reminiscent of an old tapestry.  I will be printing some of this fabric, probably in cotton sateen.

Testing out some of the blues, these sprays are really beautiful when they run into and blend together and they are great to paint with!  I will probably do something more with this but for now I played digitally and the results were cool. 

I've been looking at a lot of interior decorating images and someone has actually created wallpaper out of designs like this.  This design wasn't so impressive in repeat but then I changed up some settings....

And came up with this!  I can see this going somewhere!!!!  I'm still itching to get some stitching going!!!

Testing out more of the Starburst Sprays, I was loving all of the blending of colors as I picked up spray remnants from my craft sheet and played with a little card stock stencil.  You can see the metallic mint green color in areas where it was condensed in the top half of this picture on the reverse stencil print.

The thing I discovered about gesso and these sprays is that the gesso will soak in the color, not resist it.  You can see this in the first image as well.  Next test will be on soft gel medium or similar to see how they react.  There are lots of videos on YouTube for Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays so check them out! carries them and you can also get them on Amazon and from Lindy's directly.

So I am designing my brains out here and will soon be able to share more about my licensing opportunity!  In the meantime, I will be creating samples galore to be ready for the launch.

Happy February!  Something tells me I already know what the ground hog will say tomorrow :(  More snow on Monday!  Happy creating and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!!



elle said…
awk! I ordered these from Joggles and I haven't taken them out of the packaging. :( Lead on, Margi!!!! Snow is good as it keeps us in the studio! :)
HollyM said…
I sure love the photoshopped piece in photo 5. It looks like such fun!