Studio Sunday - Endless Snow

It really feels like we will eventually be buried in snow before spring ever arrives.  I'm getting this visual of creating tunnel roads in order to get around like we are in a big ice cube.  The storm today should end by early afternoon so I will be facing the elements to get some shoveling done.  They say there is another one brewing for Wednesday.

Yesterday, I felt compelled to move the entire studio around.  It was necessary so that I could set up my design board wall like I had at the Lofts as almost every inch of floor was being covered by prints that I needed to see to work on new designs.  You can see the shelves and foam core boards that I use for my design wall on the left side of the first picture.

Things are very MESSY now as I'm still shifting some things but I like this layout so much better.  Now I can stand back and contemplate the designs on the wall and thinking BIG! 

I spent last night painting canvas to get ready for some serious studio work!  I'm a little concerned that my CO2 detector was going off so I know all that paint was having some effect on the air quality but there was no way I was opening any windows!!!  I did move the drying canvases downstairs for drying.

I'm excited to be working larger which is a part of my announcement yet to be revealed.  

So I've been cutting stencils for testing and exploring with my Sizzix eclips2 which is a fabulous tool!

And we will see what happens!!!  

Stay warm inside and create, create, create!!!!


elle said…
oh, no! I had managed to push the 'stencil maker' out of my mind for almost a year and here you are tantalizing. ;^) I luv moving rooms all around. hmm, foam core is probably better than styrofoam. Are those Ikea shelving strips? Luv the larger size.
HollyM said…
Were in the midst of the same storm here. Wow. I felt when I went to bed last night that we might wake up buried. I'll be out shovelling too.
It looks fun to be working big. I'll look forward to seeing what you do.
Stay safe. Pace yourself with the shovelling.
Wow is that a lot of snow! Love seeing your studio and have fun with the stencil cutting! I have a Silhouette and need to try the same thing. Stay warm!