Studio Sunday and Pattern Camp

Happy Sunday!  If you live in New England then you are thinking once again, "when is winter going to end?"  I've seen a few people refer to us a "living in a snow globe" and that is exactly how I perceive it today!  We are in for up to 24" of new snow within the next 48 hours!!!  Incredible!

So I haven't much to share today as I am currently taking Jessica Swift's Pattern Camp which is like a 2-day bootcamp for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  I'm strengthening my Illustrator skills and have already learned a ton which will be put to use right away.  This doesn't look like much but it is the technique behind what you see that will improve designing.

I played a little last night with some more of the Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays but haven't had a chance to do too much digitally with the results.  The first image I used my Joggles Stencil - Ancient Ruins to spray in multiple layers over the canvas.

Here it is in a straight repeat.  The texture is YUMMY!

On this canvas below, I played with personal stencils, gesso, and the Starburst Sprays and really like the effects.

The last image is just a random design that I created using a dyed paper towel as the background and it creates so much texture.  I used the Fresco setting from the Gallery to emphasize that texture which is really effective.

Day 2 of Pattern Camp starts soon so I've got to get my student hat on and hunker down inside the snow globe!  Have a super creative Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



elle said…
Snow globes can be magical. Create some for yourself! :)
HollyM said…
Margaret, I love the rich textures and colors in the last piece! Enjoy the course. It's fun to watch your progress.
Robin Broitman said…
Margaret, I have started following your blog posts and love them! I recently purchased several of your video downloads from Cloth Paper Scissors and so far have watched the Print, Paint, Collage, Layer program....learned so much. I am enjoying enhancing my handmade art with digital so much and look forward to learning more techniques from your blog! Your work is beautiful and your teaching style fantastic!
jackie said…
I hope it goes well for you at Pattern Camp then you can pass some new knowledge on to use via further podcasts!
What a lot of snow, nothing much in Hampshire UK so far this year.