Studio Sunday,Teaser News and FREE Giveaway!

Happy Sunday once again!  Last weekend I was in California at the CHA tradeshow in Anaheim hanging out with my friend Barbara from  This is my second time attending and, as expected, I came back filled to the brim with ideas and mega inspiration.  First, who wouldn't want to wake up to an environment like this????  Oh, except for those who already live there :)

These quick shots with my phone were from the area inside the road where the convention center sits and the Marriot and Hilton.  Basically, you can walk out the door of the hotels and cross the courtyard area and go right into the convention center.  This is ideal and since it was raining most of the time I was there, but it was much warmer than my 2012 trip.  I'll take it after 20 degrees in New England!



Just this change in scenery is a huge refresher.  Now I understand why people escape to Florida and the islands during the winter!  Our last night there, we had dinner with two ladies from Notions, one of the big distributors of all things creative to stores in the U.S.  There was no shortage of laughter and at one point, I thought they would kick us out of the restaurant.  The highlight...this INCREDIBLE upside down pineapple cake dessert, which is baked to order, complete with fresh berries, vanilla ice cream, a pineapple shaped cookie and three amazing dipping sauces.   First stop next trip to Anaheim, Roy's for this heavenly masterpiece!

Notions is responsible for getting Joann Fabrics to carry our Joggles stencils in the on-line store!!!!  I'm completely blown away that Barbara and I have had success this way!  Now our stencils are being seen and possibly bought all across the U.S. by even more people!!!  Super exciting!!

So, I mentioned that I have some NEWS but I can only TEASE you with it, for now.  An incredible thing happened to me while at CHA.  I came home with a LICENSE AGREEMENT!!!!!  How did that happen???  Well, I'm always thinking about developing my own products so while at a tradeshow like this one, I ask a lot of questions.  Well at one booth, I asked a lot of questions which resulted in me sharing my portfolio and other design work and the next morning there was a contract waiting for me in my email!  I are waiting for me to tell you what that contract is for, but I need to wait a little longer on that news.

Let's just say that I am going to be pushing my imagery a little harder into the home decorating area and hopefully within a few months will have pictures, products and video to share with you!  I'm excited and inspired and really pumped for everything I am going to be working on and can't wait to share it!  The only drawback is lack of studio space.  It may be necessary for me to rent a small studio back where I was in Lowell at Western Avenue Studios.  We will see as I work out all the plans.

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, since it is creeping up so fast, I wanted to re-visit my heart stencil designs at to inspire you!  The artwork below was already featured on my blog 2 years ago when we released these but since I didn't have a chance to create anything new since I returned from California, I figured these would work just as well.




The stencils above are 6" x 6" and the stencil shown below is 9" x 12".



To win a set of all 5 stencils shown above, leave a comment here on this blog post by Wednesday, January 21st, and you will be entered into my drawing!  I will select the winner using a random number generator based on your comment number and I will ship the stencils to you via U.S. Priority Mail so you get them quickly.  (International shipping will take longer.)

I hope you are having a wonderfully creative weekend and are staying warm!!!


Such pretty heart stencils. Thanks for having such a nice giveaway.
Laura said…
Congrats on your license agreement - can't wait to hear more! Of course I'd love to win your stencils, but meet some place for delivery!!
Gill said…
Congratulations on your great news!
I love your heart stencils - especially the first one!
elle said…
WONDERFUL!!!! My hubby is a questioner- WHY! I am a small questioner. why. I am so glad your questions paid off. Home decorating! I am sew pumped to have you up and running with your creativity. Gosh, it even has me motivated. Can't wait to hear and see everything!!!
Lora Martin said…
First, thanks for reminding me to SEE what is right in front of me! I have seen those palms scores of times and never noticed how interesting they are. I will pay more attention next time. And thanks for the chance to win a set of stencils. They are inspiring.
HollyM said…
Congratulations, Margaret! Your work is wonderful and so inspirational. This much deserved and just the beginning, I'm sure.
huntla1 said…
Your stencils are beautiful. I don't think I've seen them before but then I may just not have been in the market for hearts at the time. Thanks for the opportunity!!!
Micki Tedeschi said…
Would love to win !!! so count me in. lol
Your work is beautiful!!
Margaret Applin said…