Studio Sunday

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are done and ready for Christmas!  I stayed up late wrapping last night after a long day playing and experimenting in the studio without much to show for it.  That's ok.  I will be on a better path today and will be pushing myself hard.

I started experimenting with some new textures that I made from spraying through one if my new stencils and putting it in repeat using Illustrator's pattern tool and I love these markings.  Nice and distressed!  I use the adjustment mode in Photoshop called Difference a lot because I love the intense look of the results.  This example above and the one below are using the same background with different patterns blended.

I don't know what the Difference adjustment was meant to do but the results are great and it creates a really good base version for jumping off into changes to hue and saturation and more blending.  This adjustment produces some very batik-looking designs and I think that is why I love it so much.  Whenever I venture to the fabric stores, I always check out the batik fabrics and sometimes buy fat quarters just for the inspiration. 

This design above was a patter I created yesterday while playing and it is layered on top of one of my gelli prints.  I desaturated the color so it looks less obnoxious!  There is a lot of distress going on in this one and it is less appealing because of that but I will still find a place to use it.

I'm totally missing my design wall.  I have a place to hang the shelves like I did in my loft but I'm really afraid to put more holes in the walls.  I may have to :(  Here, I have placed my foam core boards up against the largest window which is limiting my light (I also miss my big fluorescent light over my workspace.)  

I'm trying to organize a lot of the images that I have created and there is only so much room to hang them up.  This is only a tiny selection and right now I feel like I need to see everything big and clear to help me put my thoughts together.  Below is one more totally yummy layered and blended collage background I created from my printed papers.  I just want to eat this one up!!!  It will make a very cool addition to a collection for Surtex!

Back to work so I have a lot done to work with over next weekend which will be a nice long block of time to play!  

Enjoy your holiday, remember all the special moments with your family and friends and take pictures!  If the weather holds out, there will be a quick trip to Maine to spread some more cheer!!



elle said…
Work and play! That's what makes a holiday! lol I lost my big design wall also and I have that thick foam which I can move around a bit. sorta okay. But oooooh! That collage background is very amazing!!! Luv it. Once again you've inspired me to pull out my photoshop Dummy book! Have a Blessed time with your family my friend!
Batiks are my favorite fabric and that must be why those top two designs really grabbed me. I LOVE THEM! I'll take two yards of each, please!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Tatyana said…
This is so LOVELY, Margaret!
HollyM said…
Terri wrote exactly what I planned write. Love batiks and love those first two!
I wish you a Merry Christmas with family and hope you have safe travels.
HollyM said…
Terri wrote exactly what I planned write. Love batiks and love those first two!
I wish you a Merry Christmas with family and hope you have safe travels.

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