Studio Sunday

The sun is out, blue skies and I have my second cup of coffee in front of me!  That's a great Sunday morning!  I managed to do some doodling on index cards this week.  I figure the index cards are small and cheap and I can easily scan them so I decided to use these to create more designs "from the corner" so I can flip and mirror them and continue developing the designs.  This is part of the first one I worked with and it was definitely a success!

I took one part of the final design element and created a stencil with it and yesterday sprayed and flipped the stencil for some totally messy and yummy results.  You can see the general design of the stencil in the two prints below.  A friend of mine gave me her source for acetate that she found on-line so I  am elated that now my stencils are more permanent and because it is acetate, the ink stays on top allowing you to flip and print.  Perfect!  Here is a link to the Dura-Lar acetate on Amazon.  It is priced very reasonably.

On the two index cards below, I stenciled traditionally on the image on the left and then used Tim Holtz Distress Stain to get that inky messy stencil look on the right.  (try to ignore the washi tape) LOL.

Below, I used the full image to create a wallpaper that you see here.  I'm really happy with the final full element and I think it will be a great addition to a new collection I'll be working on for Surtex.  It feels like a home dec design and I can see it on everything from sofas, rugs, wallpaper, curtains, and it sure would make a fabulous background for wall art with a little added distress!

And, of course, what would design play be without a little layered digital design play.  I layered the full design with a collage piece that I had done on paper and played with all of the blending modes and hue and saturation and came up with this!  I know it is probably a little intense but this plays right into my plan for fabric design my way that I hope to have put together for Spoonflower printing soon!  This design is so saturated with color it's like you could pick it up and squeeze the inks right out of it!  YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

Ok, toning things way down, there was a second doodle design that I had created that I have pulled all of the pieces apart to come up with new design elements.  I created a stencil out of the background design.  It's cool and looks like water drops connected and moving downward and really creates a simple, uncomplicated design.  The top images are other pieces from the main design.

It's still a work in process but you can see where that design could go.  Of course, I cut the stencil and what I ended up with were those connected beads that I was able to use as masks additionally to ink and flip.  This is just a little sample as I didn't have time to embellish this one.  I laid the masks down and sprayed over them then lifted those masks and flipped them into the same area squishing all the ink around under them.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I'm hoping all those in the Buffalo, NY area are safe and warm!



HollyM said…
Margaret, I've started to anticipate your Sunday posts! Such textural, colourful fun!
I like all of these. The messiness of the spirals seems to appeal to me. I also like the second design with the really intense hues.
Do you have a stencil cutter? I have cut some using my heat tool, a little more labor intensive bit worth it for the usage you get from it. I usually buy the overhead projector sheets. I wonder if they're the same.