Studio Sunday

And here we are again!  We definitely have some winter temps here in Boston and the morning frost seems to be constant now so I guess we are moving into it for sure!  I have nothing new to report in the studio as I have a guest visiting this weekend and time is precious.

At the end of last weekend, I was experimenting with a few of my designs in quilt-like patterns.  Something I am keeping in mind as I design for Surtex 2015 this coming May is the ability for my designs to be easily translated to fabric and quilts.  I'm going to be incorporating many different elements in my designs to show at Surtex that are more product-driven.  This means as I design, I will be thinking in the process with how a design is going to be applied to a product.

So while thinking about how a collection of designs would translate to a quilt I came up with this design.  The funny thing is, this could be a coordinate design in of itself to the collection.  One of the looks I am going for is collage-like and digitally enhanced which is what I usually do to my digital designs.

The image above was thinking of how a quilt might look using the separate fabrics pieced in an arrow design.  I was inspired by the "Shattered Chevrons Quilt on page 59 in the Improvising Tradition book I mentioned last week.  I was happy with how the individual fabrics worked together and would really like your opinion!!!

This image is one of my collections that I debuted at Surtex 2014 earlier this year.  You can see in the top design, there is definitely paper collage turned digital as the basis for the background and that design really inspired the rest of the collection.  This collection is similar to another collection in that the colors are different and coordinates are switched out.  These products below are examples of how these designs would play out on a product.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and make it creative!!!



elle said…
The chevrons are great, Margi. Cold up here. I believe winter is settling in. Stay warm!
HollyM said…
You have a wonderful talent for color and design! The first grouping really works well together on the chevron. I'm glad you're still working toward a fabric line.