Studio Sunday

I've got my nice hot cup of coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer to really give this morning a fall feel.  Yummy!  It is just as beautiful as last weekend only a little cooler.  I have a bad habit now of watching CNN every night and it's truly a downer but it inspired my collage here.  I didn't want to write on the page yet so I just added my thoughts digitally until I'm ready to make it permanent.

I'm having a blast playing with little pieces.  Envelopes, index cards and stencil remains, and Gelli printing.  I thought this little envelope which I sprayed using Dylusions through my stencil "Sunshine" at would be perfect for this layout.  I'm really loving the white space in the background as well.  You can see there is tons of texture as I've been mixing the sprays with acrylic paint and the Tim Holtz Distress Inks.

Here are more small pieces that I've been playing with and plan to incorporate into some sort of journal, I'm just not sure what format yet.  The purple one I have used my "Spin" stencil at and an edge of my "Framed" stencil at  I love the abstract look of this and plan to build out a blended digital version of this as well.

On the one below, I used my "Sunshine" stencil again and the next is just a beautiful mess.  That one will show up in a digital version as well.

The last stencil version I played with here is using my "Grid A1" stencil from  I sprayed, stenciled and reverse printed on top of an already messy background but I love how this stencil easily blends into the background and that funky texture from the reverse spray print shown in the lower left corner.

And finally...the pièce de résistance!

Here is another one of my digital collages using my gelli prints and other elements I already designed blended together to create a seamless repeat pattern.  The section above includes dark grey poppies originating from my own photographs.  I thought they looked cool on the paper print but I am still working on the full design below.  Although there are some visible straight edges, I still like the way it turned out and I might add some additional subtle elements to draw they eye away from those.  It's a WIP!  I have desaturated the colors here but I can pump up the teals and blues as much as I want.  This design may make it to fabric very soon!  I can definitely see it in a silk scarf!

Today's another day.  Tomorrow's the start of another week and November is almost upon us.  Where does the time go?????  Stay creative and See you next week!



Giggles said…
All gorgeous pieces!! Love the color... CNN albeit informative it can be a downer...

Hugs Giggles
Diane said…
I am a huge fan of your work. I have purchased your classes on the Innerweave website and would love to see how you manipulate designs in Photoshop to come up with one design. Any thoughts on a class offering like that?
HollyM said…
So nice to see you creating! As always I love your pieces with all the textures and layering.
elle said…
good, better, Best! Great sequencing. Black poppies! yum!
Robbie said…
Margaret, your work is wonderful! Just happened upon your artwork via a YouTube! So glad I was 'surfing'!!!