Studio Sunday

It's beautiful here today!  Blue skies, leaves falling from the trees in sensational autumnal colors and I'm warm and cozy looking at it all from my windows.  There are a lot of pine trees here and right now the entire yard is covered with those pine needles and it has created a beautiful soft bed of burnt umber on top of the green grass.


Yesterday was all about self-expression through art dolls, well sort of.  I made cloth dolls at one point in my life and have never really gotten over how much fun they are and have thought many times about creating them again.  Well, the closest I came yesterday was a 2D doll.  LOL  Yup, weird looking to say the least but there is a whole emotional dump that occurred while I was drawing her out.  It was therapeutic to see myself as I was feeling.  So here she is hahahahaha

Ok, back to other stuff...  but first let me say if you have access to Pinterest and you search for "art dolls" plan to spend an hour looking at all the amazing creatures, incredible sculpted faces and eyes that connect with you in an instant!!!

From one of the digital papers I created last week, I used the eclips2 to cut out a stencil design from the paper.  It was in muted tones and it inspired me to create the layout above totally inspired by a glimpse of winter and a layer of fresh snow.  This week I created a number of collages using copies of all my mono printed papers and once again played with the results digitally.  

I love this look above so of course I had to print it out and play with it.  I turned this and another into these two envelopes below that I edged with the silver Sharpie paint pen.  I can't tell you how much I want to create a fabric layout and print it through Spoonflower!  I want this in a really big repeat like 18 inches so you can actually see all of the texture from the paint and the beautiful hues of blue and purple.  It would make an awesome quilt or even smaller pillows that I could embellish with hand stitch or free-motion stitching and beading.  And, and.....

As you can see, I get totally excited.  How about a set of dishes!  I WANT THESE!!!  First I'll keep working on them a little :)

It's all a part of the process!  Have a great week!



elle said…
you are a doll! Those would be amazing dishes!
HollyM said…
The blue and purple print is so gorgeous! Get some to spoon flower to play with.
You have such an ability to add texture and layering. It's great that you can do all that and cut stencils. I'm still doing them by hand and apcarving stencils.
Good to see you creating. I'm sure your little doll will expand with happiness.