Where have I been?  I don't know for sure, but very out of my groove.  Where am I now?  Enjoying a week full of studio fun!  I've been away toooooo long!   Right now I am into paint, into paper, into my new Sizzix eclips2 personal cutting machine, Gelli plate and metallic paint pens.  Yummy!

It is fall, officially and my favorite season!  This time of year is always a kind of a rebirth and renewal for me.  How advantageous that I still had vacation time to take before our year end and very busy new year (October).  I've really needed this break to play, explore and awaken my creative spirit.  Once again, the studio floor is covered  in monoprints and collages a result of my fearless desire to find myself once again.

The newest addition to my studio toolbox is my Sizzix eclips2 and I can't tell you how incredible it feels to create a design on the computer, cut it out and immediately play with it to explore all possibilities of its use.  Design and production right at my fingertips and as far as I can see, there are no limitations!  This is exactly what I have been doing; (1) designing new stencil designs; (2) cutting them out on the eclips2; (3) picking up all of the little cut pieces that fall out of the design that aren't needed; and (4) playing with all of it!

 What is super fun for me is pushing the use of everything I'm creating!  I'm cutting out of cardstock weight paper that can be used as stencils and then when it gets really covered in paint, it can be incorporated into a collage.  All the extra little pieces are getting covered in paint as I monoprint with the stencils and I was inspired to make the layout seen here.  It's kind of an odd looking thing like a round portal window with a half wreath of leaves and with what looks like an intense sunset off in the distance.  I have hung it up already as it is inspiring me to continue thinking "beyond".  To reach outside of my comfort zone and push my exploration of every idea and the path it takes me down.

I rediscovered how much I like painting on black paper.  I had taken a cool workshop with Seth Apter when he was teaching at Art Is in Connecticut a few years ago.  We used black and white gesso and fluid acrylics with glazing liquid to convert a deck of cards into a journal.  What a fantastic workshop that was and I can't say enough about Seth as a teacher!

Black paper feels good right now as I feel like I am sort of climbing out of the depths this week.  I love the intensity and almost graffiti feel to it and it's quite forgiving.  However, I never shoot for perfection as imperfection is so much more interesting!

It's fun to expect the unexpected and push new boundaries as they arise.  Of course, digital play is never very far away.  I think I am averaging about 5 color prints to one set of ink jet cartridges but I can't help love the intensity of the colors.  Maybe next I will try a softer palette.

Hopefully there are still people out there reading this blog!  I'll be sharing more going forward of my exploration and play and maybe I will even bring back Studio Sunday postings.  I've still got 5 days til Sunday so off to the studio I go!!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the change of seasons!!



elle said…
Oh Margi! I have SO missed your posts. I've been climbing out of the depths myself and here you are on the brink yourself and inspiration is tumbling all over. Great stuff and welcome back!!!
HollyM said…
I am so happy to see you're back in the studio. I've always lived your work. It is good for you. Commit to just even once a week and you'll be rewarded, as will we.