SURTEX: The Big Show!

SURTEX 2014 - Wow!  I can't even begin to explain what a huge experience this was for me!  There was surface pattern design EVERYWHERE and it was all so beautiful and inspiring!  I had doubts before the show and as we were setting up taking in all our surroundings but after connecting with my first interested party, that was it!  I felt confident that I had chosen the right road and taken part in a fabulous opportunity that could potentially change the entire course of the rest of my life.  WOW....

The most important takeaway for me from the show was about product mock-ups.  I knew that mock-ups were important and I was able to create them for some of my collections in the remaining design time before the show but I now feel they are almost more important than presenting the overall design by itself.  Knowing this, I will be focusing more of my design work from the products themselves.

Next year?  I will exhibit at Surtex again next year either as a part of Cultivate Art Collective or possibly on my own depending on my ability to obtain license agreements from connections made from this current show.  Either way, I will be better prepared with a portfolio full of mock-ups and endless design ideas!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and let's not forget all of those who have defended our country in the name of freedom and put their lives on the line for all of us.  Most importantly let's not forget those who are still with us and deserve our support and compassion for all that they have done and how dramatically their lives have changed as a result.  Celebrate Life!



HollyM said…
Margaret, nice to hear from you! I'm glad all went well. I'm sure you'll be successful. I love your designs!
Rebekah said…
Way to go Margaret! Your designs are beautiful!