New Quilting Arts Free e-Book and SURTEX BOUND!


Great News!!!  My friends at Quilting Arts on the Quilting Daily Blog are offering a free e-book with three (3) articles of mine from past issues of Quilting Arts Magazine along with more great articles from Natalya Aikens and Wen Redmond on incorporating digital design in your art quilting!  Click on the link below to get your free e-Book!  (I'm humbled, BTW, to be featured here with such amazing artists!!!)

The big Surtex tradeshow begins this coming Sunday!!!!  Yikes!!!!  Am I ready???? Almost (as ready as I will ever be for exhibiting for my first time)!!  Family and friends have been so patient with me as I have worked hard to be able to make this art licensing dream of mine come true and I thank all of them for it!

Hours spent in the studio drawing, scanning, manipulating and coordinating will all pay off when I am standing in the Cultivate Art Collective booths 214 + 216 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday exhibiting my designs with our group and among a convention center full of amazingly talented surface pattern designers!!!  WOW!  Please pinch me because it still doesn't feel real.  The thought of someday seeing a design of my own on a blouse at Macy's or shower curtain at Crate & Barrel or even giftwrap at The Paperstore keeps me going but it's not hard to stay motivated when I absolutely LOVE this direction my art is taking me!

Hop over to my website HERE to check out some product mock-ups.  I will be sure to share my whole experience here with pictures upon my return!!!  Wish me luck!!!

See you soon!


elle said…
Wow! Luv your logo. Hard to pick a favourite but sugar is calling my name! Your colours and design style is fantastic. I can't wait to hear how everything goes!!! You have done well to dream big and get er done!
oh gosh, that is WONDERFUL! Let your little shine my talented friend. I know there is no luck involved, just the mighty hand of God who loves you and wants to give you the desires of your heart! Be blessed as you move forward, and to be a blessing to others {like me!} with your GIFTS. You are a gift, Margi! xoxo {can't wait to buy my first "margi-design" blouse!!}