Studio Sunday - Pattern Making and Journal Pages

What a difference it makes to wake up to big windows filled with blue sky and green tree tops!!  It definitely lifts the spirits for sure!  I've been working intently on the workshop I am taking, the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, and I am loving it!  There are over 100 students in this module and they are all simply amazing artists.  It is so much fun and so very interesting to look at everyone's different styles and it will be even more fun as you see their styles fully develop into their pattern designs.  We are supposed to be working on our doodles and looking at shapes and patterns in nature and existing designs.  I kind of get away from myself as soon as I bring those images into PSE and begin manipulating them.  On this design I couldn't stop playing :)

I have to remind myself to stay focused :(  With all the pattern play, I have a new screen for my Etsy shop.  I see this as a really cool texture underneath other imagery OR as the base for some very interesting embroidery!!!  Hmmmmm

I received back my artwork from the Art Journaling Exposed V. 2 article and there are a few journal pages I really loved and want to share that were not shown in the e-magazine.

This one was shown but I love it so much!!!

This is the fabric cover on one of the journals.

Lots of fun making these and as I continue with the on-line workshop, I'm sure there will be a million more I will have to make to use some of the fun I'm creating!

Have a fantastic weekend and step outside to soak up the blue sky and all the variations of green around us as the trees, bushes and flowers begin exploding in color!!!



HollyM said…
Wow, I love all those spreads and the first design you're working on. It does sound very inspiring!
The warm sun and blue skies do feel so good. I've eschewed my studio for a comfy chair on my deck, soaking up some sun. Shortly, I'm going out for a little bike ride, my first of the season.
Your new thermofax screen design is so great. And I love love love those journal pages!
elle said…
WOW! Those bubble clusters just stopped me in my tracks. Gorgeous.
Your journal is worthy of being written in. I'm holding my breath at the blue sky and green leaves. Bring on summer!