Studio Sunday Back from Connecticut

First...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful Mom's out there!!!

I'm just back from Connecticut where I took the 3-day workshop with Michelle Ward and Lynne Perrella called Far Away Places!!!  You will want to clear your schedule for this time next year as they have already booked the 2014 event which promises to be even better than this year's!!!  Three full days filled with art instruction from two of THE MOST INCREDIBLE mixed-media artists ever!!  Lynne and Michelle made Somerset Studio and Stampington what they are today along with a number of other artists that were originally a part of the True Colors art journal journey!  

I'm sharing my work from the workshop to tempt you with next year's workshop.  This image above was made using Michelle's techniques and her stencil images.  LOVE the colors!!!  The image below was also created using Michelle's techniques and stencils but also includes one of my NEW STENCILS, Pots Silhouettes!!!

I'm really, really not good with faces except on art dolls LOL.  Lynne created this amazing banner layout really building out faces and everyone created VERY COOL stuff!!  I was challenged :(  The image below is using a model's face from a fashion magazine and collaged on top of my previously created papers, Michelle Ward's stencil and one of my own NEW STENCILS, Sunflowers.

The next one basically the same (I'm really bad with faces)! LOL

Michelle's workshop was creating this magical far away place in an accordian style format which included pop out windows and layers of stencils and collaged images.  Another one of my NEW STENCILS was used to create the stone wall effects.  This was so much fun!!!!

This is the cover below.

My far away place was sort of on a Myan theme and I had created a lot of my own personal imagery to use in this specific project as you can see the tiles applied.

I really challenged myself to keep the colors very light in order to build the layers on top of them.  Michelle is AMAZING with stencils!!  She knows exactly how much paint to apply and remove to create depth and shadows with tons of interest and mystery!!!

That sun is a part of my NEW STENCIL, Ancient Ruins!   

So it was a SUPER FANTASTIC fun-filled, creative weekend.  Barbara from came with me and we had a blast, met a lot of amazing women and created some new friendships!  Definitely check out 15 NEW STENCILS that both Barbara and I created for the line!  Click HERE to go right to the stencils page.  I will be creating more with the new stencils and will share the examples here soon.  


You know what that means!!!  


Karenliz said…
Love your art work! Looks like a great classes. I love all the interesting stencils and technique. I live in Connecticut and I didn't hear about this until too late.
HollyM said…
You are so much closer to all the action. It looks like it was a fun workshop!
Congrats on your DVD. Of course I already downloaded it. Very worth it!
Leslie McNeil said…
how wonderful for you margi!!! i'm lovin the fabulous new imagery you've created, and oh my - new stencils! {can you say drool?! {cool drool?!!! lol}
michelle ward said…
Margaret, your enthusiasm for the workshop is such a joy to read, and such a pleasure to see! Your work was fantastic - loved seeing you in action using color and stencils and your own personal spin on the assignments. What a fun time we had! Looking forward to seeing you again - always a treat! Congrats on the new stencils and the dvd!!
Ronni Hunter said…
Margaret, it was so great to meet you at the workshop. The pictures you posted of your work look wonderful. Thanks for loaning me stencils and for being so sweet and encouraging. And congrats on your new video. I can't wait to see it for myself.
Julie Ann Lee said…
I live in the UK and have just started blogging. I really love Lynne Perrella's stamps, which we can buy from Paper Artsy here. I found your blog when looking at LP images and I think your artwork is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. How lovely it must have been to go on this course. Julie Ann Lee