Studio Sunday

I look forward to next week when I will be able to get my life back to some sense of normal.  I've been so out of touch with everything around me and trying hard to get everything done on projects I'm working on at the moment.  Here and there, I've been able to find little pieces of inspiration that are fueling a growing desire inside of me to begin again, to reach, to take things to the next level.  This seems to be the cycle for me and when I feel my intuition telling me it is time, I have to follow it.

Does it have a lot to do with spring?  Maybe.  Does it have to do with pushing one idea so far that I've become over-exposed to it?  Could be.  Spring is such a time of renewal and rebirth.  We see it all around us and then we feel it and the energy driving it all pushes me to find new inspiration and to entertain new ideas.  I thought I would share some of my current inspirations that are feeding into my thoughts and ideas.

I had been looking through the work of some surface and pattern designers from the '50s and happen to come across Rex Ray, who is a current day artist, and was so drawn in by his paper collages that I just had to purchase this book.   

Then, along the same lines, I came across the art of Angie Lewin who makes amazing block prints.  Yes, I bought this book too :)  I love how shapes and lines play against each other and, of course, the nature theme always draws me in.  Very inspiring art and it wants to make me doodle!!!

I have loved Sherrill Kahn's work from the first time I ever saw it and I own 3 of her books and this one is the newest.  It arrived Friday and it took everything I had not to sit and read through it to soak up all her inspiration.  I have never taken a workshop with her, but she does have a DVD out through Creative Catalyst which I'm thinking I might just order.  Sherrill uses all of the Jacquard paints in her work on fabric and paper and I think she is an amazing artist.

My last piece of inspiration to share is through an article in the newest issue of Somerset Memories magazine.  I love the style and look of Dorota Piechowiak's journal pages (p. 16 and 17) in the magazine.  All of the texture and layering of pieces and the color scheme limited to black, white and a few other shades like the green popping through it all in her photographs.  

In looking at all of this inspiration I just shared, there is still the common theme of layering.  Layering is what creates these amazing images and is what pulls you in to explore how the artist created such a beautiful image.  So this spring, if your intuition directs you to seek new inspiration, follow the call.  

Have a great week!


HollyM said…
I just got Sherrill Kahns latest too. It is my second of hers. I love the second one you've shown, Angie Ewin. I might have to go check her out. The subject and style really appeals to me.
elle said…
oh, yum Angie Lewin! I'm going to delve deeper and then try to figure out the best way to have layering done 'my way'! Yes, there is something about spring that makes me sweep away all the extraneous clutter and start simple and fresh. Happy Sunday!
Leslie McNeil said…
well margi, you've said it so well, and that is much of exactly how i feel this year.... and you've followed the intuition wisely i think with your book purchases. {i would have too!} been a fan of sherill kahn for a long time; i own many of her books, but had not seen this one so thank you for the heads up! she is an amazing artist {like you}. enJOY xo