Studio Sunday and Bee-utiful Digital Design

Welcome to Sunday!  I've been busy working on new screen and stencil designs as well as just following my muse.   I've been doing a little research on symbolism and the bee is a symbol that I gravitate to in many ways.  One of the reasons I went searching for a bee image is because I have an Alex and Ani bracelet with a bee on it which symbolizes perseverance.  The bee is represented in many different cultures in slightly different ways, as many animals are, and additional symbolism includes hidden wisdom, fertility, accomplishing the impossible and the sun and energy.

It's all really interesting to me so I have decided to do a little art project creating imagery that includes symbolism that reflects me as a person.  Instead of listing a number of qualities with words, I am going to use symbols to sort of tell the story of me.

So this is the first image in my "personal symbolism series".  I printed this image (6" x 6") on top of copies of previously created artwork.  Layer, layer, layer!!!  I really love how the colors just pop through the design and creates a different look with each background.

I've got a whole bunch of new ideas swarming around in my head and I spent the entire day exploring one single image.  First I drew a turtle shell then scanned it into Photoshop Elements 10 and manipulated the heck out of it!  Here is a sneak peak as I'm not exactly sure how I will use the new imagery yet.

I am putting together imagery to use during the Far Away Places workshop with Michelle Ward and Lynne Perrella that I will be attending May 10-12.  These are "Ancient Tiles" that I'm creating to use in the workshop as I create my fantasy far away place.  I'm really excited about it!!!  I think I have been so tied up with other projects that I really missed all of my digital play so I totally let loose yesterday and it was a very fruitful day!

Starting Monday, I will be all absorbed in the on-line workshop I am taking called the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design!  This workshop is going to change my life :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Bees and turtles....oh my! Great images here Margaret!!!
gail said…
Love the bee. Interesting to know it is also a symbol for perseverence. I think I need to adopt a bee symbol. :)One of these days I hope to get back to my digital play.
elle said…
I luv symbolism. I have never thought to explore live personal imagery. I did the lion/beaver/dog/otter analysis and I'm usually 50/50 something or average in every way but I am 98% otter. They PLAY!!! :) Have a great class.