Paint, Print, Layer, Collage Workshop DVD is Here!

Oh My GOSH!!!!  It seems like I've been waiting forever and now it's really here!!!!  I'm soooooo excited!!!  We will have to wait until next month for the hardcopies that I can give away but for now we can watch via download all we want!!!!  

If you have or will be downloading your version, I want to hear from YOU!  I want YOUR feedback!!!  I want to know if this Workshop DVD inspires you!!  Leave your comments HERE!!!



I downloaded today Margaret it is brilliant. Loved it.
I have already been painting black marks and making some stamps this afternoon.
HollyM said…
Well, you know how much I liked it! I can't stop thinking about it! There's so much inspiration! I'm amazed at all you packed into it.
elle said…
awk! I was gonna wait for a hard copy. A computer techy I am not so much. lol What if I can't find the download or... ??? :( But I am hearing such good things and I doubt I can wait. !!! I'm happy with your joggles class so even more is so great! Congrats on your success!
Woo wee! Way to go. Love the cover design. I can't wait to watch it.
Adrian said…
Congratulations on the birth of you next child!!!! I'm looking forward to watching the video this weekend. wonderful, wonderful.
Monica said…
How wonderful, Margaret!!!!!!!! Heartefelt congratulations! Looks amazing.
momobert said…
I have downloaded and already watched the workshop. It's fabulous. I just love the techniques you show us to create our own, and simple, imagery. It looks so easy and yet it is gorgeous. Can't wait to have a go at it. Thank you Margaret for this great workshop.
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