Studio Sunday - Re-visting Digital Monoprints

If you happened to attend the Live Webinar hosted by Quilting Arts this past week I hope you enjoyed it and that I inspired you to create images to convert to brushes in Photoshop Elements to then lay out your own designs for stencils and Thermofax screens.  During the webinar, we received a question from one of the participants who wanted to know more about how you could use Photoshop Elements and brushes and working in color.

It didn't occur to me at the time to direct those people back to my article in Quilting Arts Magazine's October/November 2011 issue, From Flat to Fabulous with Digital Monoprints.  This article shows step-by-step in Elements what I did to achieve the look and feel of the final image that was printed to a silk Jacquard ink jet fabric sheet to incorporate into my fiber art piece above, Indian Summer.  So if you have this issue, check out this article to see another way you can use Photoshop Elements and brushes. 

I have been creatively challenged this weekend and I have the strongest urge to move the studio all around again but need a couple of strong guys to help me do it so that won't happen anytime soon.  I think the fact that spring is coming and I'm at a crossroads in my artwork and it has me feeling restless and anxious at the same time to take the next step in the direction I feel so strongly about which is surface and pattern design.  So here I am going to post my very first image of a design, kind of like a time capsule, so when I look back at it 6 months or 12 months down the road, I can see my own growth and improvement over the coming months.

Don't laugh!!!  It's ok, I'm laughing too :)  That's ok!  I'm learning to use the tools I need to make it work.  It's just taking me longer than if I took a class in it.  For now, I'm going to leave you with more images of finished (or semi-finished) pieces created in fabric from using Photoshop Elements!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


That's a fabulous first design image!!!
HollyM said…
There're all lovely pieces, Margaret. I especially like the first piece though. I think your design is great too. You have such a wonderful design sense that I know you'll be successful!
I didn't attend the webinar because I don't have photoshop yet and now it's on hold for a bit. We're budgeting to go to Korea in the fall to visit my daughter.
elle said…
Well, I'm not laughing. It looks good to me. Your design efforts are inspiring and I really like the collaging of the various elements! Happy Sunday
Leslie McNeil said…
me, laugh? not in a million years, girl. But drool, yes... quite alot! I just keep falling in love with your beautiful design sense and color, and all of it. These beauties just make me want to come over and move in next to you... or you could move to MT... no problem, right? lol
elle said…
whoo hoo! I found my magazine! :)