Studio Sunday from RI

Simple images.  There are so many ways that you can transform simple images.  As I sit in RI this morning thinking about new designs and I hope to soon have a workshop together that will show you how to do this in Photoshop Elements. It is one of the growing items on my "To Do" list LOL


Etsy Shop.  I know that there is a dwindling selection of Thermofax screens in my shop BUT I have great news!!!!!  I have been using a vendor to create my screens for me and starting next week I will have my own Thermofax machine!!!!  What does this mean?  Well, for one, I can make any screens ON DEMAND!!  So I will have to create a catalog that I will update on a regular basis where you will be able to see ALL of my designs so that you can select which ones you would like to purchase instead of being limited to what is in the  shop.  I will be figuring that out as I go along.  This week will be a transition week until I get up and running.


Just a reminder that my 4-week on-line workshop, Printing the Journal, that begins March 21st on is available for registration.  In this workshop we will make 3 different journals all using my layering techniques using hand-made sticky-back foam stamps, Thermofax screens, stenciling and monoprinting.  We will also be using my favorite deli paper!  Joggles is putting together a special kit for purchase that will contain 2 of my Thermofax screens, a squeegee, deli paper, cotton batting for the print surface and pre-cut chipboard covers and backs for the journals. Take a look at the description here and e-mail me if you have any questions!

I hope the snow is melting for you and signs of spring become visible.  That may be a slightly premature wish but it keeps me excited about the fresh shades of green that will appear very soon!!!  Have a wonderful, creative weekend and I will check back soon!



HollyM said…
You are busy as usual! It sounds like a good class. I've been want ing to take one but were planning to book a trip to visit my daughter in Korea in the fall, so now I'm on a strict budget.
It will be fun for you to have the Thermofax screen.
Sandy said…
I'm signed up. It will be great for you to have your own Thermofax.
elle said…
I'm signed, primed and awaiting my supply list!
Sandra L. said…
That's really cool about you getting your own machine. You will be printing like mad, I'm sure!
We finally got some crocuses in bloom here. Yay!