Studio Sunday - Deli Paper Addiction

I am an addict.  There, I said it!  Now that I've recognized that I have this problem, I should be able to help myself...BUT I CAN'T!  LOL  

In fact, my drawer full of printed deli papers is soooooo full that in order to select from the huge variety of prints and colors, I now have to spread everything across the floor in order to pick the most appropriate piece!!!  This spread alone is plump with papers on top of papers AND the plastic drawer that they go in is still half full!  And, there is a separate drawer full of just black and white prints as well!  I might have to start selling these in bunches or giving them away!

I will be sharing my deli paper addiction with the workshop participants for PRINTING THE JOURNAL workshop that begins this week on March 21st only on  There is a special kit available only to the workshop participants that includes Thermofax screens, deli paper, squeegee and more!  This is your chance to start your own deli paper addiction!!!!  Go here to register if you are ready for the challenge!


Yes!  My own Thermofax Machine just arrived and it's still in the box :(  So much to do and so little time.  I plan on having everything ready to go by April 1st.  It seems far away but my weekends go flying by since there are way too few of them.  By April 1st, all of my images will be up in my Etsy shop.  These images will include just about every screen design I have produced to date and there will be new designs shortly following!  

Unfortunately, the shipping charges on the international packages are going to increase somewhat.  I didn't realize that I had been receiving "special prices" from my gal at the post office so to ensure there are no issues with future deliveries outside the U.S., going forward I will need to push the shipping up.  I hate this because so many of my customers are outside the U.S. and the last thing I want to do is make it less affordable to order from me. 

The studio is changing once again!  I moved my desk away from the brick wall and my living room is now open across the entire width of the loft unit.  I'll show more pics as soon as I clean this place up.  Too much going on right now to tidy up for pictures but I'll share soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a fantastic week!  We may be hunkering down for another storm mid week :( March has been significantly active and I can't figure out if it came in like a lion or a lamb and how it will move on past.



elle said…
The lion and the lamb are struggling here as well. Lion threatening today! I am wondering how March got half done so quickly! :( But I can't wait to see the new improved etsy, studio loft space and a new machine up and running! Shipping is a bear. oops, we now have a zoo happpening! Yes, I have my own deli paper addiction and hope the class helps get them 'tamed'. lol
Patti Parrish said…
Love that stack of gelli prints!
HollyM said…
What a fun stack of papers!
It must be really exciting to have your own Thermofax machine!