TGIF and Giveaway Reminder!

TGIF!!!!  Yes!!! What's in store for this weekend?  More snow and some serious art making in Rhode Island!  I will be in Rhode Island the whole weekend working on new designs and artwork with Barbara from and expect to get snowed in on Sunday.  Monday morning I will have to get up early and drive back to Massachusetts to get to work.  It's a small price to pay for all the great things that will be happening when two very creative souls get together. 

I restocked my Etsy shop with new and existing designs so be sure to check it out!

In case you haven't seen this yet, I am going to be demonstration how I create brushes in Photoshop Elements and how I use them to build out designs on a LIVE WEBINAR hosted by Quilting Arts/Interweave/FW Media next week!  Join me at 3:00 EST to watch the demonstration direct from the Photoshop Elements 10.0 program and then you can ask questions and get answers during the webinar!  I'm very excited about it!!!  To register, go to this link!

FREE GIVEAWAY!  If you haven't yet left a comment on my blog post from last week, make sure you visit and comment before March 1st to enter to be one of 3 winners who I will work with to make their own personal Thermofax screen design that you can use to enhance your surface design on all your projects!!!

Stay safe and I hope you have a very creative weekend!


Sandy said…
That's great. I'll be watching for more stencils. Have a safe trip.
Yvonne said…
I'm sure you will have an awesome time!
Leslie McNeil said…
Hope it all was Crazy good! {love your new designs} :)
RachelA said…
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RachelA said…
Hi Margaret, just attended your webinar from here in Spain, brilliant and really inspiring. Thankyou I have had ideas to do this sort of thing in photoshop for a long time, but didn't know where to start! Thanks for the kick start. Oh and I have just purchased 3 screens from your etsy shop... I shall be a regular reader of your blog now I have found you!
tesuque said…
Saw your webinar today and spent a little time working through the brush process in Elements 11. Biggest challenge has been finding where the menu/tool bits and pieces are located!
What may have been most helpful today was discovering how brushes can be used in projects.
Thanks for sharing your expertise.