Studio Sunday

It's snowing again!  But I am inside creating, creating and creating more!  Yesterday I was spraying dyes and paint through stencils and, of course, onto deli paper as well.  I'm just having a total blast layering imagery sometimes with intent and sometimes without.  Whatever feels good at the moment is what I go with!

 I made a couple of layouts using my Circle Play stencil and Dylusions sprays.  I wanted to layer deli paper prints on top in areas but I was frequently frustrated with the dyes reactivating and smearing with the Mod Podge that I just gave up and layered over with paint instead.

In case I didn't mention it before, one of my favorite things about using stencils is being able to flip them over after spraying to get these reverse prints.  

Here is a whole layout where I did add a few little pieces of deli paper kind of out of the way of the spray inks.  The collage below is WIP and I loved just pulling together different deli prints using the Joggles stencils to create a collage sheet.  I'm deciding now what to layer on top of this.  First, I will take it to Staples and make color laser copies of it so I can use various sections in more collages as I just love the colors of this one!  I am constantly making copies of layouts I have done just for the purpose of re-using them and I encourage everyone to do this at least once to see how you can stretch the imagery you create. 

These are section shots only because I forgot to take a whole collage pictures which I will share later on.  I started by spraying my Grid A1 stencil with Liquitex Professional Spray Paint in Neutral Grey, which looks like charcoal to me, all over a piece of white watercolor paper.  Of course, I flipped the sprayed stencil over for the reverse image alternating between the two prints.  It is sooooo graphic!  I love it!!

Then, I had also used the stencil on a painted piece of deli paper and I ripped up the deli paper and began laying it over the black and white print sort of matching up areas that would blend together.  

You can see above that I incorporated a color laser copy of a previous layout in the collage and then I also used a hand-made stamp to layer additional imagery on top.  Yummy!!!

Of course, stencil play is never complete without the Shooting Stars stencil from!  I love spraying and flipping with this one.  Then I went back over the top with the White Linen Dylusions  spray to see what would happen and you can see that in the bottom right corner a little.  I want to layer something on top of  this but I have to figure out what to do about the sprays.

This was a deli paper collage I worked on last weekend that incorporated hand-made stamps , printed deli papers and direct stenciling using the stencils.  I am having sooooo much fun playing with all this new imagery and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!!

If you missed yesterday's post, you have to go back and read that one!  I will be teaching how to make brushes in Photoshop Elements 10.0 through a live webinar hosted by Interweave/FW Media on February 28th!  This will cover how I take an image, transform it into a brush in Photoshop Elements and how I use that brush to create a layout for a Thermofax screen or stencil design!  You don't want to miss that if you have questions about how to get started using your own imagery!!

Also, make sure you comment on yesterday's post to be entered to win your own custom Thermofax screen from me!  I will work with your imagery to lay out your own custom screen!!!!  How cool is that???  Your imagery in a printable format for you to apply to your fabric or paper to enhance and personalize your surface design!!!  There will be 3 winners announced on March 1st here!!!

If you can join us on the live webinar on February 28th, you can see how easy I make it!!!

And don't forget to check out my on-line workshop, Printing The Journal, hosted on as I create 3 journals using all my techniques including Thermofax screen printing, stenciling, deli paper collage and sticky-back foam stamping!  Downloadable PDFs and videos lead you through the 4 weeks of lessons!!!  Come join us on March 21st for this fun workshop!!!!  Register Now!

Have a wonderfully creative weekend!!!!



Sandy said…
I love your stencils and bought a bunch.
elle said…
I hear you about the reactivating Dylusions. :( But I also need to remember to start making copies of the good ones. Happy weekend, Margi!
Jenny said…
Oh how I love all your creations. I wish i lived closer and we could have a paper-making party! Beautiful!
jackie said…
You are having such fun, that it makes one itch to join in. I wonder if deli paper is like our greaseproof baking paper.