Studio Sunday

Sunday is here and there are snowflakes falling outside my big windows.  I am cozy inside creating lots of stuff still in my PJs.  My newest NEWS is I am working on an article for the next issue of Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES publication!  I'm psyched beyond belief!!!  I'm still not sure when Art Journaling Exposed (e-book) is coming out, but I think they are finalizing it now.  I'll give a shout out as soon as I know it will be made available!  Don't forget, I also have my big Workshop DVD through Cloth Paper Scissors that will be released in May!  That's only 3 months away!!!

In addition to these wonderful projects, there will be a REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming VERY SOON!!!  I'm over-the-top excited about it and can't wait to share it!  I know I keep saying that, but it is real and it is coming within the next week to 2.

I've been playing with my other two 6" x 6" stencils from, my Liquitex spray paints and screen-printed deli papers.

I totally love this collage above!  I started by spraying through the stencils on a color laser copy of a previous background I created.  I like to re-use my images and build on top of everything.  The two sections with the Circle Play stencil are actually the reverse stencil print after spraying the stencil.  It's cool if you flip it right over and print it to something (deli paper included).  My favorite print is the top left version because the stencil has a lot of paint just along the edges of the openings and creates a really interesting effect.  That was actually the second print with paint all over it.  The other section was the first which came out with more color than I thought I would be able to get.

This was an extra piece of journal page that I had cut up.  The background has both Dylusions sprays and Liquitex spray paint.  Then I sprayed charcoal grey Liquitex through the stencil and then layered a couple of pieces of deli paper for additional color.  I need that!!!  A lot of it!!!  Just don't know for what just yet. LOL I think it would make a radical fabric print on a modern style chair, though!

Well, this is what the studio looks like while I'm creating these days.  I just added tables so I have a total of 6 big tables that I can teach from as soon as I get a chance to develop a workshop!

Of course, the floor is never off limits!

Ohhhh look!  A sewing machine!!  I have got to get back to stitching one of these days!  For now I will just keep it out of the way of flinging paint!  If anyone is interested, I use red rosen paper that comes in big roles at Home Depot or Lowes which is used for laying floorcovering.  This is a really inexpensive way to protect my tables as everything from paint, glue, spray and who knows what else ends up on them.

I'm off to write an article and will share more info as I know more!  Have a super creative day, stay warm and stay healthy!!!



Marcia said…
Really cool Margaret. I actually wrote an article for Exposed too and now I'm working on one for Pages as well! I cant wait to see them both! Looking forward to hearing about your other news.
HollyM said…
Wow, Margaret, things are really moving for you! I can't wait to hear your big news! Your studio looks like so much fun! 'How you're keeping up with it all and working full time, I can't imagine!
I'm going to look for that paper as I really need to cover my drawing table.
I love that first collage and you're right they would look great on a piece of furniture! If you ever had time again, you could look into ordering some printed home dec weight from Spoonflower. It would be fun on a small chair!
Leslie McNeil said…
if you're not careful, you'll be sleeping with the papers!! lol. Looking GOOD, Margi... God bless all your creations!
elle said…
Wow! You are really moving both stuff and abilities. I, too, need to get my sewing machine more involved in my paper messes! Looking good!
Micki said…
wow!! you are one busy girl> luuuuvvv your work space and your work. looks like a lot of fun going on.