Studio Sunday and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Welcome to Sunday!  The sky here is a beautiful wide-spread blue welcoming the day.  We've got massive piles of snow in the parking lot thanks to Nemo (little fish - big snow piles) LOL.

You know that I have been just giddy over this day coming and finally I can make my BIG ANNOUCEMENT!!!  Barbara ( and I have been collaborating on a big project and today Barbara is launching her BRAND NEW LINE OF STENCILS!!!!  I can tell you all about them but you should go check out Barbara's video showing her demos with the new designs HERE.

You can see all of the new stencils HERE to purchase!

There are 18 stencils (2 of which are 2-part coordinates for layered effects and one mask).  There will be many more demos coming and I will be incorporating the stencils into my

titled "Printing the Journal" which begins March 21st.  
This workshop is 4 weeks long filled with videos and downloadable PDF lessons.

You can read the description HERE!  If you like what I do with deli paper and collage, you will want to jump on board for this workshop!

See below for stenciled deli papers as examples of what I'm doing with the stencils in my studio!

I'm working hard this weekend finishing up my article and journal for the Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES issue that hits the newsstands on June 4th.  I'm also working on my Quilting Arts live WEBINAR that is scheduled for February 28th so stand by for more information on that! 

Have a fabulous and creative Sunday and I'll catch up with you mid week.



elle said…
I have been waiting see what a colourful mermaid named Margi will have made during this big storm! Mesmerizing! I can't wait to have time today to see the videos on Joggles. That surely is a great site and I'll be signing up for all kinds of treats. Happy Sunday!
Yvonne said…
Congratulations! I'm really happy for all the good things going on in your world. The stencils are awesome!!!!
Patti Parrish said…
Heading over to Joggles to have a look. I love stencils! Congrats!!!
Sandy said…
congratulations on the stencils. I just watched the Joggles video. The challenge will be to decide which ones to start with. I will be signing up for your class. We've had a bad week, and this is certainly brightening it up. Thanks
HollyM said…
Congratulations, Margaret! I love what you've done with your stencils on deli paper!
Connie said…
Love your work on the deli paper and I'm off to check out the new line of stencils!
Leslie McNeil said…
Can't wait to play!!! Cool Margi; congrats on all your hard work!
Monica said…
Oh big congrats, dear Margaret! Your stencils are wonderful and I hope to buy some in the future!