Studio Sunday

Well friends, the sun has gone down and Sunday is coming to a close and I am so late posting.  As I sit thinking about the week ahead I know I will be up late tonight getting things done.  I've got a lot to post so go grab your cup of coffee, tea or wine :) and settle in LOL.


One of my "Art Sistas" was visiting this weekend all the way from NJ!  Sandra Koterba is an amazing artist and super multi-talented in many things!  Sandi has a new blog,, and I encourage you to stop by and say "hello".  The pictures of her artwork don't even begin to tell the story of Sandi and everything she is into, but I'm sure she will be sharing much more in the future.  She's a brand new blogger so give her a little time to catch up! :)  Yay Sandi!!!

Sandi invited me to attend a workshop in NYC in April with Doreen Kassel!  You have to check out her site!!!  I have never done any sculpture-type art and Doreen's characters in polymer clay are so whimsical and they just make you smile!  This is one of Sandi's creatures from a previous class with Doreen.  Soooooo cute!!  The class we will be taking also incorporates long skinny legs!!!  Can't wait and thank you, Sandi, for such an amazing gift!!!


This week, Terri Stegmiller is celebrating her new line of stencils, 14 designs currently, by hosting a stencil blog hop which I am psyched to take part in!  (Thanks Terri!)  Terri's stencils can be purchased at so check them out!!!  The schedule is laid out below and starts TODAY on Terri's blog!

Blog Hop Schedule:
Sunday, Jan. 20 (Kickoff) - Terri Stegmiller,
Monday, Jan. 21 - Leslie McNeil,
Tuesday, Jan. 22 - Deborah Boschert,
Wednesday, Jan. 23 - Margaret Applin,
Thursday, Jan. 24 - Brenda Gael Smith,
Friday, Jan. 25 - Vicki Welsh,
Saturday, Jan. 26 - LuAnn Kessi,
Sunday, Jan. 27 - Sue Bleiweiss,

So be sure to check back on Wednesday as I show all my fun stencil play with Terri's "Leaves" and "Squiggles" stencil designs!!


I know I've said this before, but I am so thankful for all the opportunities that the QA team, (and now CPS team) have provided to me since 2008!  I opened my e-mail InBox on Friday morning to find a new e-mail from Vivika DeNegre with an offer I couldn't refuse!!!  Quilting Arts Magazine is going to be launching a series of free live webinars with a presentation and Q&A with the artist and they asked me to be the first presenter!!!  My webinar will be titled,  “Digital Surface Design Technique: Creating Brushes in Photoshop” and will air February 13th at 1:00 p.m.  What a cool opportunity!!  If you miss the live version, they will be posted so you can watch them anytime!


So I previously mentioned that I was going to be working on my 2013 goals using Jessica Swift's 2013 Goal + Intention Kit and I have been filling out the first documents in kind of a random fashion.  I have sheets to fill with 2012 experiences and it will be good to look back over the past year and take a serious look at how my achievements and disappointments have shaped me to move forward this year and recognize ways that I could do things better or differently to better direct my art intentions.

I was actually caught off guard with this question, "How do I want to feel?"  Seriously, I never thought about this question in exactly this way!  How refreshing!  There are a lot of empty fields to fill on this form but I gave it a go and came up with 13 ways so far.  I want to feel...

organized, in control, competent, resourceful, creative, energized, focused, patient, observant, healthy, happy, intent and dedicated

I have already chosen my word for the year which is "Persevere" and which I will demonstrate and practice every day both in my corporate work as well as my developing art career.  The challenge is to sustain both parts of my life as each one plays a significant part in my happiness and success so to fall behind on one will make me feel like I will have failed.  

There will be lots of artwork to share on Wednesday for the Blog Hop so be sure to check back!!  
Stay healthy, happy and create lots of art!!


HollyM said…
Margaret, you make my head spin with all that you've achieved and will achieve.
My goodness, and now a webinar! Amazing!
I'm just going to check out your friend's blog. I sure wish I lived just a little closer. It would be so fun to get together!
elle said…
Sounds like good words to focus on. It is hard to maintain balance in life but we can surely try. I'm ready to hop and I'm ready to watch videos. Bless you on your goals, your hopes and ambitions for the coming year!
Adrian said…
Congratulations! Again! giggle. It seems we have been using that word a lot lately and how wonderful that is! If you feel happy, you are in line with your soul. Use that as your guidance system and your course will stay true to who you really are.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonder-full.
I'm so glad you had a fun weekend with Sandi. Your word list sounds like a good one and very inspiring to all of us. Have a great week!