Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway

I keep telling myself that there are a lot of people still awake on the west coast who might be reading my postings at a normal hour LOL!  This is my work-art balance catching up with me :)  Find more images below using my heart stencils that can be purchased at Stencilgirlproducts.com.  I really love layering these images with my screen printed deli papers.  Many people have been asking to know more about my deli paper techniques so check back next week for a free video on how I use my deli papers for layering in collage!

This is a small inspirational card that I used one of the images from the 9" x 12" stencil.  Mixing text and floral images has always appealed to me and this stencil image is so easy to layer on top of just about anything!

Here is a journal page that was sprayed with Dylusions on the background using the Heart Swirl stencil and then I applied the the Heart and Flowers stencil using my black Liquitex spray paint and layered a piece of lace under the stencil before I sprayed.  You can see the lace remnants at the top of the heart.  My friend Sandi showed me the way!  Thanks Sandi!!!

Here is another small art card that I sprayed Liquitex paint through another image from the 9" x 12" stencil and layered deli paper and light stamping on top of.  These cards I am going to journal on the back of that way I can leave the front pretty :)

Again, I am using the text and floral stencil image here on top of the bordered heart both images from the 
9" x 12" stencil.  I stamped around the edge with Tim Holtz's distressed ink pad.  The heart with border I applied very lightly by rubbing paint through the stencil with a paper towel.

The last image is the bordered heart with some of the lines from my Heart Striped stencil over it  This is actually on some fabric paper that I made and I'm going to add some stitching to this one and will show it again.

That is it for Tuesday night (Wednesday in other parts of the world).  Check back tomorrow for a little more inspiration.  Don't forget to comment on one of the postings this week to be entered into the Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!!!



Carol said…
I love the way you add layers to your pieces!
elle said…
Just when I'm convinced colour is the way to my own heart you throw in an excellent black one. NICE!
Gill said…
Thank you for telling us how you made these wonderful pieces Margaret!
Laceflower said…
Your heart stencils are very edgy, I think they are great and I love seeing the different ways you use them.
tesuque said…
Your work with heart stencils sure gives Hallmark some competition!
Gunilla.B said…
What lovely prints you made!
Donna said…
Your layering is awesome! These stencils are too. What a blast to play with them!
~June in AZ said…
I just went to the Stencil Girl web page and was amazed by the variety of stencils available.
Karen C said…
Thanks for showing the stencils in use, especially the 9x12 ones. I love the look of the writing in the background!