California and Home Again

What a trip I had to CHA!  My first ever visit to California and it was colder than Boston!  The sunshine was there but Anaheim, and the entire west coast, was experiencing cooler than normal temps and my wish for a little sun and warmth will have to wait for the next trip.  Still, the trip was amazing and I can't thank Barbara from for inviting me along!  

I saw so many cool things including new products and artwork.  Jacquard sponsored the dress below that totally inspired me.  They used Dy-na-flow to paint this beautiful dress.  Gotta try that!  This was a completely different wearable art application than I have ever tried!  It was simply beautiful!

What I did see that made me jump for joy was seeing Jessica Swift's new designs on paper and gifts.  I tried to convince the sales rep to sell me on of her bags but they couldn't!  Sooooo coool as Jessica is such an inspiration to me as a successful surface and pattern designer and I so want to be HER when I grow up!!!

And look who we ran into at the Viva-Decor booth!!  Rebekah Meier!!!  The picture below is Rebekah, Colleen from Viva-Decor, and Barbara from

It was a great time and can't wait to go again! Needless to say, I have a whole number of projects that I'm working on and new ones seem to be popping up along the way.  I will share more tomorrow in my Studio Sunday blog post.

Hope you all have a creative weekend!


elle said…
I was just wondering about where you had got to! Being inspired. Good! oooh, I am really enjoying all the tutorials from Joggles so I do recognize Barbara. Can't wait for the Sunday edition. :)
So glad to hear the trip was fun. I'm sure you are brimming with lots of new ideas.
Leslie McNeil said…
Well, glory be! Cool! I can't imagine what it would be like at such a show as CHA... I'm sure it be "Awe" for me! Looking forward to seeing whatchyagot to show n tell us!
HollyM said…
I've been missing your posts. It looks like you had such fun! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Imzadi said…
Thanks for posting the Jacquard Dye-na-flo Dress. I have always love fabric painting, since the 90s. But, that style of painting is so dated and OUT. It is great to see a fresh, updated approach to applying fabric paints to clothes again. You have given me much to think about!
Jenny said…
Wow. How fun this trip must have been. I bet your brain hurt afterward from all the eye candy and ideas-a-flowin'.
I too want to be Jessica Swift. I love her stuff and I love it that she is self-taught. YaY!