Friday, October 12, 2012

What do Scor Tape and Deli Paper Have in Common?

Art journalers, collage artists and altered book people will love this stuff!  

Scor Tape is an awesome double-sided tape that you can make paper and fabric tape with.

I used some of my painted deli paper.


You can also use paper punches!

Oh, did I mention screen-printed deli paper?????

This stuff is fabulous!  Joggles carries this in a variety of widths and check out Barbara's tutorial on using it!

Have a great weekend!!


HollyM said...

I checked it out. Wow, there's always something new and fun. I like how you've adapted it to your own style.

elle said...

Oh boy! Les, do you have a must have supply list anywhere on your blog? Tools, supplies, etc. Do punches work on fabric? I like the whole cut and repositioning idea.

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

oh my. just what {i didn't need} to see! LOL the tapes are gorgeous! But I must try the foiling FIRST! I bet you had a great GREAT time, huh margi! {I think Elle meant Margi, not Les - right Elle?}!

Sandy said...

Perfect. I watched her video and it seems straight forward.