What do Scor Tape and Deli Paper Have in Common?

Art journalers, collage artists and altered book people will love this stuff!  

Scor Tape is an awesome double-sided tape that you can make paper and fabric tape with.

I used some of my painted deli paper.


You can also use paper punches!

Oh, did I mention screen-printed deli paper?????

This stuff is fabulous!  Joggles carries this in a variety of widths and check out Barbara's tutorial on using it!

Have a great weekend!!


HollyM said…
I checked it out. Wow, there's always something new and fun. I like how you've adapted it to your own style.
elle said…
Oh boy! Les, do you have a must have supply list anywhere on your blog? Tools, supplies, etc. Do punches work on fabric? I like the whole cut and repositioning idea.
oh my. just what {i didn't need} to see! LOL the tapes are gorgeous! But I must try the foiling FIRST! I bet you had a great GREAT time, huh margi! {I think Elle meant Margi, not Les - right Elle?}!
Sandy said…
Perfect. I watched her video and it seems straight forward.