Studio Sunday

Abstract art?

A little paint, a brayer and a stamp

maybe a little pencil marking

How do you define abstract art LOL?  This is not a serious question, today.  But I do want to stress the amazing textures that you can create on deli paper and how much fun it is to incorporate those papers into larger pieces of art!  There will definitely be a video coming so stay tuned!!!

I'm working hard on my Cloth Paper Scissors DVD and I can't believe I have just a month of weekends to pull it all together!  I think I better load up on Red Bull for some late nights, too!  I hope you are all getting in some solid creative time this weekend.  If you don't hear from me soon, SEND COFFEE!!!



HollyM said…
Lovely colours and textures, Margaret! It will be great for collage.
I don't know how you will do it all but I'm sure you will! Remember too much coffee makes you shaky, lol!
elle said…
ooooh, favourite colour, lovely texture. You can do it!