Studio Sunday-Seth Apter-Giveaway WINNER!

Happy Sunday everyone!I hope you work this morning to clear blue skies as I did.  I'm starting to see some wonderful colors of leaves changing outside my big windows but I saw beautiful foliage yesterday on my road trip to CT (more on that to follow).

Let's get down to business!!!  Thank you for all who joined my FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!!  It is really cool to read them all and people have such nice things to say so thank YOU for that!!!

I pulled up my handy dandy Random Number Generator and let it roll this morning.


Please e-mail me so I can get your mailing address and ENJOY your new Thermofax screens!!!!

SETH APTER Rocks!!!!  Yesterday, I got on the road at 6:30 a.m. to make it to my workshop with Seth at the big Art Is event in Stamford, CT. was way worth the ride!!!!  Seth put on a fabulous class and everyone's work cam out fantastic!  Thank you, Seth, for introducing me to black gesso and acrylic glazes!!!!  

This workshop was his 52 Card Pickup and his thought process (perfect for the disciplined journaler) was that there are 52 weeks in a year giving you one card per week to journal on the back of a cool collage!!  How great is that!!!  I think I could make myself journal once a week, maybe???

I went back over some of my cards with white and then glazed again so I had lighter areas that would show through my layering of screen-printed deli papers!

I just love how they came out!!!

All this awesome color and texture!!!

Here is the book's back cover and the ribbon wrapped around it.  Yummy!!!  The best thing about this project is that the cards are all detatched and you can just pick which card you choose to journal on the back of each week depending on which one speaks to you or captures your current mood.

Awesome, Seth!!!  Thanks again for a fantastic workshop!!

I was also able to connect with a few amazing people whom I met at the CREATE NJ retreat in July, art doll artists that I hung with in 2007/2008 (Hey Susan!!), and even Andrew Borloz, who I met at ArtFest in 2008!!  

Have a great week and BE CREATIVE!!!


It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! So glad to hear it.
HollyM said…
Oh, Margaret that sounds like such an inspirational workshop and the cards are scrumptious! I just got some black gesso.
I sure wish I lived closer to some of the workshops!
Congrats to the winner. She will love it!
elle said…
oh drat. I was hoping. Good for the winner, though. Seth's class looks SO cool. I luv this idea. I wanna know about these glazes! You did an great job on your cards and I'm looking forward to hearing more!
Seth said…
Such a pleasure meeting you Margaret and having you take part in the workshop. The cards you created were really wonderful and I love seeing all these great pics. It was fascinating to learn all about your screens -- they are sensational!!