Studio Sunday

Well, it is Sunday and it happens to also be the last day of my vacation :(  I took this week off to relax before the new fiscal year at work kicks in and my workload gets even heavier.  I had the best of intentions of finishing up my on-line workshop, but I guess moving at a slower pace and with many distractions, best of intentions didn't quite cut it.  There were a lot of good GREAT things that came out of this week though and I really feel like I was living the life of a full-time artist!!!

One of the things I have been playing with are paper/Tyvek stencils and masks with the Thermofax screens.  I'm going to be doing a lot more of this to dig deeper into layering and collage.  It is a lot of fun and if you have some extra Tyvek or freezer-paper sheets lying around (maybe even deli paper) you should try this technique with the Thermofax screens! 

Doesn't it figure that as vacation fades away, I start producing more artwork??!!??  I swear I work better under pressure, but no one wants to work that way.  I was creating this radical (for me) super graffiti page last night and I love the way it came out.  I was layering Thermofax screen printed deli papers with paint and screen printing directly onto the surface as well.  The colors have been changed here as it could potentially be a sample piece for something really BIG!!!  I've got a secret and I will spill it very soon!!!!

Anyway, I love all the distressed textures and bold black markings!  I'm finding it better to work on a larger format and this watercolor paper is 11" x 15".  Not quite the super huge 18" x 24" but still a great size.  

The picture above was created using Electric Pink craft paint and Thermofax screened deli paper and some direct screening.  This layout screams PINK but you can't tell from the awful picture.  You get the idea though.  

Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done was taking my little Daisy and Dylan to the local animal shelter.  I can't talk too much about it or I will start crying all over again.  Needless to say, Wednesday was a complete emotional washout.  I loved these little furry creatures like nothing else and it killed me to leave them.  Ferrets...who knew?  They said that they had a good rate of ferret adoptions and all I can hope for is that they end up in a very loving and caring new home.  Here come the tears...

Goodbye my babies

Have a wonderful week and look for my BIG SECRET reveal this week!!!



Sandy said…
The ideas are coming just looking at your work. The tears are coming too. It's so hard to give up a pet. We had to this week after his long life. Now I'm crying too-AGAIN!
Adrian said…
I'm sorry, too, that you had to let your fur babies go. I'm sure they will find a loving home - may be with young children who will play hide and seek and all kinds of good stuff!
Your work with the graffiti looks great! Are you scanning everything as you go along? Looks like a really great collection of work to layer in your Adobe photoshop. You do have a great way with that kind of work. Sorry you have to go back to work when you are just feeling rested and revved up for more art making. However,I have a feeling you will come home at night and find relaxation in your new search and discover mode.
angie said…
I wish I could have taken them. Ferrets are so much fun!
HollyM said…
I'm so sorry you had to give up your little friends. And sorry too that your week is over.
I can't believe you have another secret! You have sure been busy!
elle said…
I don't think we are meant to live on the level plain. It is all about the ups and downs and that's where the good stuff is created. GO Margi!
michelle ward said…
Love seeing all this beautiful work and hearing your enthusiasm for doing it, and the secret that has you bubbling over. Glad to know there is something good happening to lift up your heavy heart. xo
Jeanne said…
On the last post, I accidentally left two comments--didn't know the first one actually was accepted. Now I don't know how to remove one. So sorry!