Studio Sunday This and That

Well, my fuzzy ferret babies are up for adoption now but no takers as of yet.  I was at the pet store yesterday picking up supplies and they had some brand new ferret babies so I had to touch and hold.  Funny how I never would have expected to like these animals but they have grown on me.  However, knowing how much work they are and how many little ferret  hearts are broken because people give them up, I found myself preaching to the crowd in front of the store workers against buying them unless they really understood how much work and care they take.  So, before they threw me out, I got in line, paid and left!  Then I get home and see this and my heart breaks again.

My new space will constantly be a work-in-process!  Today's project is to cover the back side of my makeshift closets in wood so I can paint it and use it as a design board.  I relocated my closets from the entryway over  against the bedroom as I realized it did make sense to kind of block that off (since I'm really bad at making my bed) and will allow me to cover the back sides of them (both 48" wide by 72" high) and cover it with paint or cork board to really use it.  I'm in desperate need of a design wall as everything is ending up on the floor.  I've had the wood for a couple of weeks now (yes, these were the pieces that cost me $60) but I finally figured out a way to make them work even though I had to cut them smaller to get them into the car.  I've got my drill charged and lots of hardware so WISH ME LUCK!!!

I've been working really hard this week because Quilting Arts Magazine contacted me last Friday about putting together a quick article for the January issue!!!!  I am PSYCHED!!!!  So all my free time has been spent exploring the possibilities on the artwork.  Also, I've been playing a lot with my Thermofax screened deli paper and I think my favorite way to use it is with black paint as I love the graphic impact it makes.

Of course, the pastels always work for me :)

The day has just begun so there is plenty more opportunity to be creative today!  It's cooler today as some heavy storms moved through last night and I'll be able to open the windows.  I hope everyone is enjoying a productive weekend!!!



HollyM said…
The ferrets really do look lovable. I love to hold, cuddle and visit with pets but longer term I don't want responsibility. Plus I'm allergic to most animal furs.
I read somewhere a couple of years ago that's it's good to let your bed air before making it up, so I've used that as an excuse to let mine go too.I really like all your pieces with the black. I like graphic too. The first one really strikes me though.
Wow, you really are on a roll with your magazine articles! Good for you!!!
Sandy said…
The ferrets really are cute. People buy baby pets but rarely realize the work and aren't willing to do it. We've always had a house full of animals.

A studio is always a work in progress. I keep trying to make mine better.

I'll be looking forward to your article-love the work on deli paper.
elle said…
Heart breakers for sure! The design wall ideas rock! And I'm beginning to realize that there are no mistakes only creative opportunities. The deli paper is so great and touches of black are excellent exclamation points. I need to get rid of my creative distractions so I can get back at it tomorrow. Weekends tend to be my workdays! lol