Studio Sunday Labor Day Weekend

Just what I needed!  A long productive weekend!  Whether you are out enjoying the last summer weekend before school resumes or you are in the studio creating, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!  I was burning up the deli paper last night doing a whole bunch of screen printing and my studio floor is strewn with dried prints just waiting for me to rip up for collage!

a few colored ones...

some new screen prints...

my screen drawers are overflowing...

and will soon be re-organized in my new used flat file.

Then I started painting some fabric!  On the piece below, after the initial paint had dried, I went back in and screen printed with the new Grid screen, lifting and repositioning as I printed.  I love this!

So, in challenging myself to paint some backgrounds on fabric that were similar to this (below)  painted background on paper,

I attempted to capture the same look and feel on fabric. 

I think the key to this is letting the paint dry before layering more on top after some blending on the first layer.  Anyway, I'm coming close to what I had hoped for so I will keep trying!!  This one (below) incorporated more water in the application and it does have a cool look but I think I need to go back over with more dry paint effects.

Then, I incorporated stamping over my painted backgrounds.  I kinda like it!! 

This one is cool but needs a little more green to make it pop.

I had made a goofy stamp and printed on top of some wet fabric to see how the design looked.  I probably won't be making much of this print but it is cool in small pieces for stitched collage.


These are some of my favorite floral images and I decided to make them up larger for quilting and home dec.  These images are a full 10" - 11" tall.  Below, I printed on on paper that is 9" x 15" and you can see how much of the page it took up.  These will be available this week so check back!

Enjoy your weekend!  I still have two full days left to create!!! Yay!!!



Sandy said…
WOW! You did have a productive time. That drawer system is great too.
Wow, you busy girl!!! Love all your stuff here because it has your fun designs on them. The new flat drawers are so wonderful. I'd love to have a unit like that.
elle said…
You are have lots of fun, I see. I like that grid and it looks like I need to be saving up for some more screens. Things are looking good!