Studio Sunday and Meeting Fantastic Artists

There has been lots going on this weekend and though I have gotten a lot done on some things, I have yet to get other, just as important things, done as well.  Yesterday, Suzanne Abrams (who lives here on my floor) invited me to join the Lowell Fiber Studio while they had a regularly scheduled "Fiber Feast"!  Everyone brings something to eat and they all sit around a big table, chat, eat and show current projects they are working on.  

First - Thanks Suzanne!!!  I had a great time and thanks for including me!!  (check out Suzanne's site)
Second - Thank you Lowell Fiber Studio! It was wonderful meeting all the women who were there yesterday and learning more about their art, their process and inspirations!!  
Third - Again, thank you for letting me talk about my process and my art!!  
Fourth - I am slowly discovering the amazing ways that Western Avenue Studios is enhancing my own self-discovery and how embracing all that it has to offer is one of the greatest gifts I've ever had!

I had to move the furniture around yesterday as I am trying to create a beautiful entry way for when I open up to the public.  The ferret babies are now hiding behind my big closet design wall (yes in my bedroom) and I've had to piece together a wall of particle boards in order to keep them within this area.  They seem happier down here than near the door so I guess it's ok.  I no longer need an alarm clock as these guys are on my timetable and want out of their cage at 6:30 in the morning (even on the weekends, ugh).  I think they may sleep later as it stays darker in the morning longer.

So here are some new pics.  The studio area is kind of a mess right now while I am still putting things away after shifting stuff yesterday.  One thing I realized was that I was trying to reserve specific spaces within this open plan for my living room, dining room and bedroom when it occurred to me that I had not sat at my dining room table nor had I relaxed in my living room since I've been here.  So I blew open the floorplan and I like it much better.  There is more flow.

The dining room table is now right off the kitchen.  I put the expansion section down to make the table smaller which makes more sense.

Studio floor is messy as I had to shift rolling storage and push my fabric into the studio away from the bedroom windows.  The ferrets would have a hay day if left to their own devices.

The former dining room is now my massive desk and computers.

I set up a new table for my sewing machines as I started to use them again.  You can see way back above the kitchen that I've been able to store boxes above the bathroom  after my wonderful brother-in-law set the plywood up there.  You can see it if you go looking for it but I don't mind that.

Everything is much more open and blended.  It will definitely make for better presentation to the public (when I get the darn studio straightened up again).  I'm starting to visualize how I want to hang artwork on the outside in the hallway as many other residents already have their art hanging on display.  I need to create some backdrop with paint near the door inside and outside.  I wanted to be ready for October 6th to open but then I realized I will be down in CT at Art Is taking a workshop with Seth Apter.  I guess I will have until November 3rd to get ready and set up my sales area.

Time to take a shower and get going!!!  Lots to do here!  The good news is I will be on vacation for a WHOLE WEEK September 24th.  CREATING PERSONAL IMAGERY 101 is the priority as I intend on finishing it up COMPLETELY and launching the workshop!!!  Has it really been 6 months since I hoped to have it done????  I'm inspired, energized and focused and I've purchased a pack of Red Bull for the 7-day ride!!!

Have a great weekend and I hope you are nurturing your own creativity!!



elle said…
Good for you! My back would totally be sore from pushing and shoving and trying a dozen different floor layouts. I did away with my living room when it dawned on me that we never actually sat in it! LOl Certainly a challenge to have things orderly for 'open studio' days but how great to have a place to display your art and connect with others of like mind. happy Sunday
Sandy said…
I use my dining room table as my beading area and keep a set of tools there and several projects. It takes time to organize a space and always seems to need refinement. Glad you enjoyed the group. Thanks for her link.
Adrian said…
I'm so glad you opened up your dining area for the office and have opened up your definition of "how it should be". This is your special, sacred, living/breathing/creating space and it's got to be all about you and not the ghost of apartments past.
Wow! I am so happy you are so happy!!!
angie said…
Looks like you have a great space going there! and why have a room you don't use just because tradition says you should.

And I love your babies! Wish I was close enough to adopt them.