Rockin' Design Board

Well, my design board closet wall couldn't have come out better! The paint was still wet in the first picture but I am really, REALLY happy with how it came out.  

So, in the end, I didn't waste the money on those plywood sheets.  I seamed them together with another board 1" x 4" the same length and the power drill didn't peter out on me as I sunk a bunch of screws into those babies!!!  I wish I could join the two closets but I'm fine with how it is.  I turned this bohemoth closet structure into a fully-functional part of my studio!!!!

Then, with some handy dandy eye screws I ran two lengths of wire across both closets and I had picked up some of those tiny hanging clips by Recollections (made for those little stands to hang small pictures from) and now I can hang my projects as I stand back and observe.  I'm glad I painted black as everything stands out really well.  Unfortunately, I had to block out the images because it is current WIP for QA.

Anyone need a free-standing closet/design board built??? LOL
Have a great week!!!!


HollyM said…
I should have checked your blog before I replied to you're email! I see you not only started, you finished and it does look great!
You are slowly settling in to your new life and place.
elle said…
Excellent! Good for you and when life gives you lemons... Mike's! Well at least get creative! lol You know, you could tack another black strip between the two closets and it would look like one unit. It does look very classy!
Adrian said…
Wow! Looks great! I had no idea you were so good with power tools! It's really a clever way to evaluate WIP's and should brighten up each day as you look at all the wonderful work you are doing. Yeah! YGG!