New Thermofax Screens in my Etsy Shop

I pulled out an old image that I had created digitally months ago.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to do something more with it.  Does this happen to you?  Do you become re-inspired by  a project you were working on and then a lot of time goes by and you have moved beyond what you were doing originally and you become inspired yet again to apply your current likes and desires to it?  I love when this happens.  I think I have to go back through my piles more often.

This was the inspiration for this new Thermofax screen I called Branches in Leaves.  This screen can be cut in half so that you can use it in the same direction without having to flip it around and risk getting paint  everywhere.  Of course, you can print it exactly as it is.  I'm thinking borders :)

The next new screen is an image that so many people incorporate into their art so I figured that I might as well make one up.  I think that it would make an intriguing background print to layer over.  This image was taken from an original from 1889 that I purchased.
And lastly, another super messy grungy background that I cannot wait to play with especially on deli paper!! It's kind of busy, but I like that you could print this to fabric or deli paper and rip it up to add some additional interest to a collage or quilt.

That is it for tonight.  There is a lot of wind and rain coming this way tonight and I can already hear it whistling through the window.  Have a wonderful week and I'll see you Friday!!!



HollyM said…
Love your new screens, especially the last one! What kind of paint do you use on the deli paper?if its acylics, do you use an extender?
elle said…
Yes! They are great. I need to check out your shop before they all go! Pant, pant!!!
Adrian said…
The new screens are amazing! Yes, it's always fun to go back to previous piles of work. Always a good place for inspiration. And, look who's posting in the middle of the week!