Journaling a Feeling

(digital manipulation of journal page pictures using Dark Strokes filter in PSE)

Isn't vacation great!  This is what happens...I am able to slow down enough to actually think.  To get back in touch with my soul instead of riding the fast track from one moment to the next.  This is when the words come to me.  I could write a book right now and fill it soulfully.  Feelings that have been supressed due to pace of life and just getting from one day to the next.  Supressed because if you stopped and thought about it all, you would become stagnant and frozen within the overwhelm.  

This is the best time to let those thoughts and feelings come pouring out onto a page of visual journaling.  If I didn't have so much to do this week, I would have time to put together a radical journal! 

Have a wonderful and creative day!


HollyM said…
It does seem odd to hear from you mid week! I'm glad you've taken a little time for a creative vent. I remember what a roller foster it was when I was working. I really did feel like the proverbial hamster in the wheel sometimes!
Love your page! My favourite colour.
elle said…
The ideal life! I wonder what it really looks like. Take time to smell the paint, Margi!!!
Adrian said…
Enjoy your vacation. You surely could use a few moments not running around. Thanks for sharing your page. The colors are amazing.