Dina Wakley Art Journal Workshop

DINA ROCKS!!!  Yes she does!!!  I had a blast in Dina's workshop today (took a day off from work for the important stuff LOL).  I thought she was hysterical, with her pet names for a variety of things, and a great instructor.  Dina's workshop was structured in a great way.  She planned for us to complete 6 pages, if possible, and kept us moving from one step to the next using different techniques on each page!  We completed our journals (including binding)!

The thing I loved about Dina's workshop the most was her generosity in sharing so much with us.  She was actually at Ink About It for 3 days of workshops but this was the only one I could take.  Everyone has loved her and many have taken more than one workshop with her (lucky ducks!)

Now you know how I am about personal imagery, so it was a little hard for me to force myself (ya, ok) to use the Crafters Workshop stencils but I managed to work in some screen-printed deli paper and a few of my own stencils and stamps into the mix.  

I'm unhappy to report that my last pair of decent jeans that I could wear to work on Fridays is now embellished with Bubble Gum Pink Dylusions Spray Ink.  I guess it is time to do a little artwork down that leg!!!  It will be a pain to screen-print.

Because I am such a geek, I had Dina sign my journal :)  See the left side.  OK, OK, don't throw up yet!  The page below...not so good.  In fact...down right UGLY!!!  hehehehe  Too bad because the first application of color was awesome, but I went ahead and messed it up!  That is the last page!!!

The cover was sort of finished in a flash but I expect I will continue adding stuff to it!

Thanks, Dina, for a wonderful class!!!



HollyM said…
It looks like it was fun! The 'ugly' page is not so bad. Perhaps you can still do something with it. A partial cover up maybe.
Gill said…
It looks like you had a great time!
My favourite image is the third!
elle said…
ooh, painted jeans! That is called creative clothing. I want to do that. But I am so jealous. A completed journal. Even the not only the great pages but also the less than perfect pages as it will be a great reminder of your class and also bring to mind what to do in other opportunities. Just Rock on!!!
Oh Margi ~ these are SO SO FABULOUS! I love how you incorporated the stencils... with YOUR style. I would so be in that class with Dina! Sigh. Maybe online another day. I am looking forward {patiently!} to seeing your GORGEOUS NEW JEANS!! YAY! Be Blessed girl. XXOO!
Creativity Cake said…
Hi Margaret,
I sat next to you yesterday in Dina's class! I couldn't disagree more about your ugly page - its my favorite!
Dina said…
There are no ugly pages in art journaling! :) They all are fantastic. Love them!
Sandra L. said…
Hi, Margaret--I am hoping to take a class or two with Dina this summer, if possible.

I love your pages! I don't see anything ugly about them!