Studio Sunday

Yes, I know...Sunday is just about over and I am sooooo late posting!  It was a good weekend, lots of creativity flowing.  I did set a couple of new rules for myself though.  A small miscalculation caused me to waste two $28.00 pieces of thin plywood that I purchased and had cut to create a back to my free-standing closets that I could use in a functional way since it faces the studio.  I think I will need to create a drawing plan the next time I come up with a "brilliant" idea before cutting anything!  Rule #1 - If it doesn't fit in the car, don't cut it to fit!  Call someone with a truck!  I got so excited that I could have Lowes cut the boards for me so I didn't need to buy a power saw to add to my collection of tools that I completely messed up.  I'll explain later when I have solved my dilemma.

So other than doing stupid things, I made a lot of random marks with paint on paper, learned a little bit more of Adobe Illustrator CS6, stayed up really late and drank lots of coffee.  It was a cool weekend!  Did I accomplish everything I needed to?  Of course not.  Rule #2 - Make a list on Friday night to make sure you get everything done that you planned on by Sunday night!  Has the weekend gone by already??? Ugh.

These pics above are a couple of shots of my freezer paper drop cloths.  I just love the random marks and COLOR on this scrap. Can drop cloths be considered art?  LOL  I can't throw away this 48" piece of freezer paper so I have taken pictures of every inch of it to use digitally.  Below is some VERY random mark making but I like how the messy lines in black create additional interest on my random paint application.  Experimentation!!!  Great things come when you allow yourself to just "play"!

My big question of the night is, "when you give yourself permission to really "PLAY", how far do you allow yourself to go?"  
  • Do you move fast and freely with brush, pen or needle or do you try to control your play?  
  • Are you allowing yourself to take risks?  
  • Are you pushing yourself to keep playing or instead reaching for another blank to start again?  
  • Do you go for a walk first to clear your mind, do yoga, or do you make a nice hot cup of tea and light candles?
I want to know what you do to prepare yourself to "PLAY"!  Not what you do when you head to the studio to work on a specific project.  I want to know what you do to really allow yourself to open up to create freely and randomly without any preconceived notions about the end results.  Drop a comment as I would love to compare notes.

Have a great week and you will know when Friday rolls around again because I will be screaming it from the rooftops!!!!



elle said…
I'm thinking, I thinking! lol Well, not so lol as I wonder if I do play. Usually I have something I need to do. I don't think of myself as a controled/controlling person but I can see I need to loosen up.
Freezer paper as a drop cloth! Whodda thought!
Stay tuned, I'll be thinking!