Studio Sunday and Joggles On-Line Class

Sunday already and soooo much to do!  If you don't get Barbara's Sunday updates from, you missed the announcement of my on-line class with her!  Don't worry, it won't run until November 13th but you might want to check it out!!!

Needless to say, I have been having a lot of fun painting and stamping, which is probably why I still have paint all over my cuticles from this past week ugh!  Anyway, the class will be a blast so keep it on your radar.  I will remind you in November!

This picture does not do it justice but this piece of watercolor paper is gorgeous!!!  I'm tempted to keep it this way but I think I will have to continue developing the surface.  Maybe some screen prints??

Okay, this is just pure YUM!!!  This one I printed to fabric which ends up being more subtle than I wanted but I'm going to push this one and really develop the surface with more imagery and stitch.  So you can see that things have been busy here.  My niece, Noelle, had a sleep over here last night and we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, her favorites.  So one more cup of coffee, a shower, and maybe I can get the rest of the day going.

I hope everyone is having a really creative weekend and I'll be by to soak up inspiration from your blogs and check out all the great things you are doing!!  Until next time....



HollyM said…
I love the piece on your class ad with the houses! It's one of my favorite motifs. And I love both of the ones on your post. It'll be interesting to see what you do with them.
I'll be watching for your class. I'm feeling like I need a little something right now too to get me going. I'm almost finished the latest piece.
Adrian said…
I've been doing Joggles classes for a long time. I'm glad you are starting there! Your pieces look good! Did you print that fabric on your printer? I enjoy that too, and I find that I can really pump up the color after I've rinsed the fabric and found it faded, by taking my water soluble oil pastels to the fabric. The two together make nice depth. One day I printed out a photo of pears on the kitchen table and using those crayons made it so easy to color. ;-)
Sandy said…
I've marked it on my calendar.
elle said…
It is indeed yummy. Good for you!