Studio Sunday and Blog Friends

What's better than meeting blog friends in person???  Creating art with them!!!!  I was so excited when Yvonne told me she lived in just a few towns over from me, practically right next door!!!  So we made an art date and this morning she arrived around 10:00 a.m. and we chatted, enjoyed some tea and coffee and had fun with some stick-back fun foam stamping.

It was wonderful meeting you, Yvonne, and I look forward to more art visits in the future!!!

Our time got cut short because my brother-in-law, Dave, was sooooo generously spending his afternoon with me installing some significant overhead lighting for my studio.  I LOVE light!!  I NEED light and lots of it!  Well, thanks to Dave (he is a Superman by the way) I now have the brightest light in my studio loft so I can finally create deep into the night and really get back to using more of my night time hours!  Finally!

I helped where I could but he worked his butt off and wired and hung this 8-foot, 4-bulb fluorescent light right above my studio worktable.  We couldn't have done it without one of my nice neighbors letting me use her rolling scaffolding!  I think I want one of my own.  Who am I kidding?  I can't find permanent places for the stuff left in a few boxes let alone this awesome piece of rolling utility!

So the sun has almost set in this picture but you can see my brand new 8-foot light above the studio.  The poor ferrets weren't going to get any sleep with these runway lights so I had to move them down to the other end of the loft.  Very soon, I will have to bring them to a place that will be able to help find them a new home.  (it's going to kill me)  They actually give me kisses now when I take them out of their cage.

So every little improvement to my new space is critical for me to be creative.  It looks like a disheveled mess, but it has come a long way since I moved in.  Now, if I could take a week off to really get some work done!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and their creative juices are flowing!!!  



HollyM said…
It does look like a mess! Lol! But as you say , you are making progress.
I am so envious that a blogging friend could get together with you. I was recently thinking how fun it would be.. I'm about 2 days of driving away, alas.
Adrian said…
That is one Fabulous, Humongous, Gorgeous Light bright enough to grow anything at any time of day. Enjoy your homemade sun!
elle said…
How great to get together with a blog friend! And to know a superman also! Let the light shine brightly. I used to be a night owl but npw I'm okay with mornings and with no day job mornings are always good options. Jammies till lunch time and hope no one drops by. lol But weekends I hardly see the inside of the studio. So I am primed for tomorrow morning. It has still been a good weekend. Glad you have Light, Margi.
Yay for light!!! Glad to see things are taking shape and that you had a fun time with a new friend.