Stop the Clock! The weekend has arrived!

THE WEEKEND IS HERE!  THE WEEKEND IS HERE!  You have no idea how long a week it has been for me.  And to top it all off, I had to trek into Boston after work for a routine mammogram!  Is there anyone who actually looks forward to a mammogram??  Well, tonight I was psyched about it because the health care center is located right next to Dick Blick's!!!!  Ahhhh yes...validated parking included!  I can't get enough when I walk into that store and the only one I know of locally is right down by Fenway Park.  Well, the Sox were playing tonight and all those poor souls who are wasting their time tonight to attend one of the games when the team is falling apart.  I hope they got cheap tickets!!!

So, back to the Dick Blick store!  When I go shopping at Dick Blick's, I have to be very careful that I don't drool on any of the really cool products that they have displayed all over the front of the store and then I always have to watch my step as I'm frequently tripping over myself when my neck is about facing backwards because I'm walking faster down the aisles than I can visually take everything in.  Yup, definitely a fun adventure and such a REWARD after the dreaded mammogram LOL

Wow, I just realized how much better my pictures are with my big 8' overhead light!  No flash!!  I'm excited to play with the Pan Pastels and finally I grabbed some Golden fluid acrylics.  They were having a big back-to-school sale and those were on the list.  They also had mini sized Liquitex paints so I grabbed a few of those as well.  I did have to curb my shopping slightly as there were two very hungry and lonely little ferrets waiting for me at home and it had been a long day for them!

I've got a couple of links here that I wanted to share.  The first is from which is the site of North Light Books.  Go to this link here and check out the "Incite:  Dreams Realized Competition".  North Light Books will be putting together a large book of the best mixed media art and I want to encourage you to take a look at the information as I believe that everyone has a chance to win!  The deadline for artwork is November 1, 2012 so we still have time!!!

The other link is to this artist who I came across while I was reading Julie Fei Fan Balzer's blog.  Lori Wostl is one of the founders of Art Camp for Women in Colorado.  Check out her blog Keep An Art Journal and enjoy her artwork and writing.  Anyone up for some "camping"????

My wireless connection is slow and my eyes are beet red so I'm off to bed.  I'll be headed straight for the coffee as soon as I get up and look forward to a really CREATIVE weekend!!! 



elle said…
The link is GREAT! Wow, back to school. It must be that time here soon. Yes, something about nice new supplies. Aw, you still have the dynamic duo!!! Let them do the ferret free motion through the wet stuff!!!