Quilting Arts New Issue

I was very excited to receive my copies in the mail of the most recent issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  My last submitted article is in this issue which is sort of a follow-up to the Quilting Arts Workshop DVD.  I need to get on the ball and get some submissions going!!!  This week has been crazy so far as my full-time job has trickled into my art play time at night and I'm all out of sorts trying to get my studio feet planted firmly again.  This weekend will be filled with creativity...I can feel it!

I did have a fun stamping session the other night and I'm having fun with those large letter/number stencils that you can get at the office supply stores!  I'm just not sure what I want to use them for yet.  Collage of some sort?  These number sort of stand out to me because I am now 45 years old (how did that happen)????

And I was born in 1967 LOL.  I had stamped all over these using large letter stamps and other miscellaneous letter stamps just for the heck of it.  Just love the colors and the "don't think too hard" process of throwing it all down on the surface.

My really large letter stamps that I haven't used much at all are really awesome!  They are double-sided though and I should probably pay more attention to removing all the paint before flipping them over!!!

I'll have more to share this weekend.  Friday night through Sunday is ALL MINE!!!!  Woohoo!!  I've been neglectful checking up on all my peeps' blogs and I see some great stuff happening!!!  I'll check in soon!



elle said…
It's only a number, Margi! Only a number. I threw my numbers away some time ago, but maybe just for play purposes... lol
M is for My weekend,you go for it!
HollyM said…
Every year I can't believ my age. Like Elle, I've decided to forget it.
It's too bad we have to work for a living!
Congrats on your article! I just got the magazine too.
Have a fun, creative weekend!
Hey, you stamped your initial on your hand!!! Hope you have a great weekend!
I saw the QA article (finally!) Terrific! I hope you have some wonderful creating time; enJOY all that you have!
Adrian said…
Hiya Margaret! I got my Quilting Arts magazine just this week and your article was great. Well thought out and a great follow up to your workshop. I hope you really enjoy yourself this weekend as now you can just live there and make art all day long.
Yvonne said…
I'll have to check that out. Really enjoyed our chat!
LOVE the medium of your hand. Great idea.
Movable art. Wonderful!!!