New Thermofax Screens In My Etsy Shop!

Happy Wednesday!  I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know there are NEW Thermofax screens in my Etsy shop!  Here are a few to lure you in :)

Graffiti Letters

Collage Postcard

Spider Web

Don't get caught in that web!!!  The story behind the spider web image is... Maine.  Maine is such as story in itself, but when I've been walking along my favorite beach on a foggy morning before the sun gets warm enough to burn it off and everything is so beautifully peaceful, and all you can hear are a couple of seals or ducks waking on the water, there are amazing spider webs strung through the tall grasses and flowers that flank the beach.  The dew sits softly on the tiny woven threads and captures the light producing the most intricate and amazing natural artwork.

Also in the shop are a few that I had run out of but were great sellers.


Story 1

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!  Before we know it the leaves will turn and the smells and tastes of fall will be upon us (my favorite time of year!!!)  I'll be back in touch this weekend as I will be making LOTS of art!!!!



Yvonne said…
Those are the spider web and it's story. :)