New Studio Pictures

Ohhhhhh it feels good to be back in some semblance of organization and space to create!!!  There is still a lot of purging and organization and shifting of structures within my new space to make it all work, fit and just feel right.  Now that I've landed, I couldn't be happier about my new space.  

Things will get picked up and put away (not sure where yet) and this open floor plan is the absolute perfect environment for me!  Of course, I could use some kitchen cabinets hung and maybe a partition wall built with some built-in shelving/cabinets, but that will come with time.  For now, here it is in all of its messy semi-organized state to share with everyone.  Just keep in mind "potential" and really large artwork!  LOL

I kind of just threw all the pics up here in no particular order (sorry).  This is a shot into the bathroom.  It is spacious.

At the opposite end of the space is the wall of windows, my bedroom and studio.

Another shot of the bedroom from the studio side of the room with the brick wall (covered by bureau and stuff).

Cool shot of ceiling towards bedroom corner.

Constructed closet (don't laugh, it will be soon covered with fabric)!  I have a lot of "work" clothes.

Yes, the dining room.  The bedroom would be off to the left of this where the brick wall wraps around.

Back to the kitchen without overhead cabinets.  I have a really large white rod-iron shelf that I will be hanging above the sink that will help alot.

This will be where the shelf goes.  Bathroom is behind and we can put plywood on top of the bathroom to store things if we want.

Messy living room.  The studio is to the right of this shot.

Another living room shot.  I bought this great little twin platform and got a new mattress for it to use as my couch.  I haven't yet found a quilt that I want to throw over it but I will keep looking.  I have to be careful how I pull these colors together.  They are mostly earth tones so it should be ok.

Here we are back near the front door with the kitchen on the right.

So back to the good stuff!  The studio....yuh.  I spent a lot of time moving things around last night so that I could have a space to create in this weekend.  What I finally settled on was one big table in the middle of the space for now.  The window wall and wall on the left are lined with fabric in wire cubes, tables for sewing machines and computer area.

I'm addicted to rolling storage carts :)  What I was thinking was that I would build some sort of free-standing partition wall that would create a shelf above the height of the rolling carts with perhaps more shelves above that and the other side could be painted black or white and used as a design/display wall.  Who knows.  I still have lots of ideas but I have to get into the space and work to see how the flow is working.

Last, but not least, a shot from the windows of my second floor unit.  I will take an outside shot of the entire complex so you can see it tomorrow.

I want to give extra-special thanks to my parents who, although in their 70's, worked just as hard as I did to get here and get set up.  Love you always Mom and Dad.




elle said…
Fantastic! What potential! Luv that dining room! And the window wall! Enough with the exclamation points. lol Once you are in and trying things you can get things to be efficient. I have a thing for those rolling carts as well. Here's to a happy and creative weekend. Welcome home!
Yvonne said…
Wow Margaret, it's fabulous!!!
Adrian said…
Your new space looks wonderful! I love all the light and the brick wall is great. That open floor plan is just what you need. And, if you are doing a big project, things can be moved! I hope you are comfortable in your new digs. Almost feels like being 20 again and just starting out... no narrowing of horizons. Anything is possible.
What an amazing space for you!!! Wowzer's Girl! YAY YAY YAY! I can't wait to see... more! (Art and Studio)!! XO and REST up!